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Sharks appoint Brendan Venter


Former Springbok centre Brendan Venter has been appointed as Director of Rugby at the Sharks.


The Sharks confirmed the news via their official Twitter handle on Tuesday.

Venter’s role will be effective from the start of the Currie Cup, which starts on August 9.

This is the first appointment made by new Sharks CEO John Smit. Smit and Venter worked together at English club Saracens, where Venter was also Director of Rugby.

Smit also announced that current coach John Plumtree will leave the union at the end of the season. It’s still unclear as to who the Sharks’ head coach will be.

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  1. Smitty and co… Todd Louden was milling about at the BIL vs Combined Country game…

  2. So Plum leaving, Venter the director of coaching, Morne appointed by saru, who does that leave to coach the sharks? Wait I know, pick me pick me! I have tons of experience as an armchair coach and know how to solve all problems in rugby!

  3. Glad for Brendan’s sake. I don’t think he’s
    the easiest person to get along with – like Mallett –
    but he knows the game. Up to the players now.

  4. Well Brendan but he is a marked man so lets hope the Sharks don’t go north.

    As for Smittie he is aprick. I lost all respect after our Bok hiding by Australia a few years ago.
    He had a lekker laugh with Gregan while walking off the field. Hold your head in shame.

    The vetgat chose himself over a better option at RWC. Another Pay cheque John?

    So it does not come as any surprise that is Jon with the knife, a much needed knife but still a knife.


  5. Reply to Vernonimous @ 8:34 am: yes it is game after all, cannot argue with that. I try but with all the money and betting odds it makes it less like a game and more show.

    Reply to Craven @ 9:42 am: Much much more bitter. I can make lemons taste like koeksisters.

    Firstly we got drilled by a record score by a country where rugby is only the 5th sport and such a small player base and the captain is having a lag and a stroll off the field.

    And oh yes he should not have gone to the last RWC it was painful to see him not up to the pace.

    Yes another pay cheque Jon and yes it is no surprise we saw a little player revolts to help the long overdue Plumbing.

    Good on Brendan though.

  6. Reply to Mug Punters Organisation of South Africa @ 10:44 am:

    What a load of ignorant crap it’s hardly worth responding too… but I will!

    Boks lost that 1/4’s game when their captain was on the bench not the other way around… had he been there they might have actually gone for the drop-goals they could have slotted on numerous occasions or the LO’s (they were dominating) rather than continue the ludicrous ‘swing-left, swing-right’ to no avail with poles begging!

    Smitty was ‘still’ playing brilliant rugby only a few months back and a huge asset to Saracens both as a prop/hooker option not to mention mentor on and off the field!

    After almost a decade at the helm of one of the most politically challenging sporting teams in the world there is nobody better in South African rugby to take over the niche CEO role that the Sharks have created to take their rugby to a much-needed next level for the future from grass-roots and up.

    And the man is already taking names and kicking goals cutting the dead-wood at the highest level namely the coach. Appointing the successful Sarries coach with whom he’s had an excellent working relationship is a master-stroke!

    Smit has succeeded at every single thing he has done since a kid and this will be no different… he’s a legend!

  7. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 4:36 am: hahaha you really cant help yourself.

    You are talking about the massive drubbing right. You no when he was laughing with Gregan? Of course not you just sucked up any crap again.

    He was on the bench at RWC because….

  8. I must admit walking off the field in 2006 after a 49-0 hiding from Australia and smiling was not the most fan endearing moment of Smit’s career…

  9. Reply to DavidS @ 9:18 am: Thank-you DavidS it was actually piss poor and his RWC appearance irked me too.

    Smit has succeeded at every single thing he has done since a kid and this will be no different…does that include business too?

    He had his time but he overstayed. Thought he was a great player and captain but he overstayed.

    Happy to see Plum go but don’t think Jon is such a nice guy.

  10. Is it too soon for me to be wondering if this might lead to a nice contract for Bismarck with the Bulls?

    Seriously, Plumtree was one of the few coaches with the kahunas to pick Bismarck ahead of Smit, now Smit is boss and Plum is gone. Smit and Bismarck did not allways get along either? Take the important superrugby game at Loftus, when Smit nearly popped a major artory when Plum kept Bismarck on the field and did not send him onto the field. Interesting times, maybe Bismarck does not feel all to secure right now, with Chiliboy leaving, we do need a hooker. Come on Bismarck, you’ll love PTA, you can even speak Afrikaans again.

  11. Oh and I’ve allways thought of Bismarck as a package deal, you buy Bismarck, you get Jannie included in the deal and we are short on tighthead props.

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