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Springboks needs to be ruthless against Aussies

South Africa's Malcolm Marx is tackled by New Zealand's Kieran Read, left, and Owen Franks during a rugby championship test match between South Africa and New Zealand in Wellington, New Zealand, Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018. (AP Photo/John Cowpland)

The Springboks is back in action this weekend when they take on the Aussies in PE after a bye last week.

After the hype of the All Black victory it must be back to business for Rassie to make sure we keep on track in building the core base of this team and improve in everything we do as a team.

The All Black test was a huge improvement from the two losses against the Pumas and Aussies, but such a high can have a negative effect on a team as well.

So what will be seen as progress against the Aussies this week?

To improving from the last test is simple, we must hammer the Aussies in PE.  We are playing at home and against an Aussie side that have been struggling even more than us this year.

This does not mean that we need to take this test lightly. The Aussies are fighting for survival, not just the players but also their coach Cheika who has come under a lot of pressure.

We talk many times about momentum, and that momentum is definitely with the and this Springboks for this test so we need to make sure that we keep it.

The Aussies have not won in South Africa since 2011which gives the Springboks the edge.

At this moment only Ireland and England have shown that they may be able to challenge the All Blacks.

Facing the All Blacks in our first pool match at the World Cup next year we need to be with the English and Irish which we are not at the moment.

The only way to achieve that will be for the Springboks to be ruthless. This cannot be a test were we scrape through a win or even loose to Australia.

The team must now start showing consistency, you cannot come away with a hard fought win over the All Blacks in New Zealand the one week and struggle the next against Australia.

The Springboks have shown some enterprising play this year but that can only be achieve with a solid base and the correct decision being made by players.

Game management will be very important which will start with our nine and ten.

Upfront we should be dominating but there are still some worrying aspects in our lineout play.

The team must show the same commitment and effort in defence as what they shown us in the All Black test, we cannot go one step forward and then one step back in the regard.

There is a worry that we will again see a new midfield combination this weekend which is worrying aspect this year. We need to start seeing Erasmus settling on his starting midfield so that we can have consistency in the backline.

We have Australia, New Zealand, England, France, Scotland and Wales left this year and we need to see a ruthless Springboks side in all of these test.

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  1. Corner stone of the Bok defence against NZ was tackle dominance..

    thanks to @RugbyAnalytics we can see the Top Bok Dominant Tacklers

    No surprise it is the tight forwards and the centres who are in the Top 6, as they making the most front on tackles.

  2. Siya made 17 tackles and did not miss one 👍🏻
    71% of his tackles was dominant 👍🏻

    One area he can maybe sharpen up is his Return to Play is low (only 53%) and his jogging sometimes between rucks.

  3. Boks don’t play with a fetching openside, so how do we judge impact of Siya? @RugbyAnalytics can tell us..

    One of the main role of a open side is to protect OWN ball.
    Siya attended 14 Bok rucks – most of any Bok 👍🏻

    71% of the time when he was first arrival the boks got quick ball

  4. What are the “worrying aspects of our lineout play”? In Wellington the Boks won 7/8 (87%) and the AB’s 13/14 (92%). Meanwhile across the ditch the Aussies were only 13/16 (81%) against the impressive Argentinian figures of 15/15 (100%). I think Cheika will be losing more sleep over the lineouts than Rassie and in the frame of your article, we need to dominate the Wallabies in both forms of the setpieces.

  5. @Jacques:

    Yes indeed in every respect these stats show that the tight-forwards and the entire back-row were doing what they are supposed to every single test, against all opposition, every week.

    As Ben Smith pointed out in his brilliant analysis of both team’s defensive efforts particularly the Boks, the offensive-defence (aka dominant tackles) was for once positive and Blind-Freddy can tell you one of only a few ways to pressure a dominant team like the AB’s.

    As he also pointed out the sheer volume of tackling, gang-tackling and particularly cover-tackling (see how Whiteley and co assisted every one of Kolbe’s most important tackles a-la what they have to do in 7’s with the orks), coupled with some very smart adjusting (for once) by the likes of Kriel on the back foot with Dyanti/Am caught out positionally… saved at least a few more tries.

    As he also stated 253 tackles are not sustainable, nor should one be ignoring the 39 missed tackles (39 line-breaks) which allowed in the opposition to out-score them, fortunately not convert them. That too, alongside being out-played in almost every other aspect of play, other than the scoreboard (where it counts) will see your team lose 9/10.

  6. SA needs to be “cut-throat vs Aus”
    Whoa Nellie.
    David gets lucky & slays Goliath – you don’t go and make him King !
    Ok, maybe that’s not the best reference – but let’s at least attempt to keep some perspective.

  7. I’m trying to say that Aus are DEFINITELY push overs for NZ.
    They are DEFINITELY NOT pushovers for SA.
    Headline writer was channeling TRUMP….surely.

  8. @bryce_in_oz: quit right Bryce we will never last if we do 200 tackles per test

    The AB test was a freakshow which comes along maybe one time in ten years

    What I want is an improvement from us the guys are there now we need to perfect the art

    That will be the key to get better or just fade away again

    Boks have not really put two back to back performances together and it is crucial they win good this weekend if we are to believe they are getting better

    I am worried about this test, my expectations are high if I want to believe all the statements I made about Rassie and the team

  9. @Jacques:

    Huge ‘real’ start to the season if they can put together an impressive win to back the last one up. But it’s almost impossible to call it despite the last home defeat being in 2011 and this being the worst ranked Bok side to grace the shores. Not being at altitude negates some of that.

  10. So an interest fact, should we beat the Australians by a BP, this will be the first time since Meyer’s days as coach, that the Boks manage to come at least second in the rugby championship. Which is a huge improvement. Even winning without a BP would virtually seal the deal, barring a Puma win over NZ. Should we win with a BP and the Pumas pull of a miracle and beat the AB’s, it sets Loftus up as the decider. Strongly doubt that would happen though. But 2nd is a massive improvement, given that some of us, me included, gave us a wooden spoon or second last spot.

  11. @bryce_in_oz: Totally agree Bryce, maybe that is why I am more nervous abut this one than the AB test. Maybe also we did not give the Boks a chance against AB.

    If they do not win good on Saturday it will go down as a failed Championship for me and back to square one.

  12. @out wide:

    Marx’s throws are slow lobs, which means anything past #2 jumper is likely to be picked off by the opponents.
    From what I recall in the AB test. pretty much every throw was taken near the front.

    Also the score that made the difference in the Aus teat was of a failed LO throw.

  13. @Bekke: yeah I’m dreaming all the way to the weekend. I think my dream will be shattered come early Sunday morning. But hell wouldn’t it make the rugby championship great? Argentina beating everyone, final round the decider. Haven’t seen that in years.

  14. Aldo-
    If you insist on being in the sun too long always wear sunscreen & a hat. Cognitive clarity maintains with -hat- protection – not sunscreen which is merely epi+dermis.
    Argentina to pay dearly for last week’s sins.

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