We said it must be a perfect performance from all 23 players and a miracle to beat the All Blacks in New Zealand and the Springboks done just that beating the All Blacks in a epic battle 36-34.

Backs against the wall the Springboks started again with some scrappy play and defence out wide which gave the All Blacks their first try.

The All Blacks speed on attack was absolutely brilliant and they looked ruthless at the start of the game. With the lead of 5-0 Smith exploded the channel out wide and send Aaron Smith over for their second try and a lead of 12-0.

Memories of last year started to surface but it was then some great pressure from the Boks that gave Le Roux the chance to send Aphiwe Dyantyi over with great hands.

Pollard was on the mark with the boot and reduce the lead to 12-7 for teh Springboks. The try gave the Boks the motivation they needed and force the All Blacks again in mistakes and worked their way to a attacking lineout.

The Springboks kept putting huge pressure on the All Blacks on defence and got a turnover which Dyantyi kicked ahead. The ball went out and Barrett wanting to play quickly gave Le Roux the ball and a try.

With a great setup from the lineout the Boks pushed the All Blacks back and Marx powered over for their second try and the lead of 14-12.

The Springboks kept putting huge pressure on the All Blacks on defence and got a turnover which Dyantyi kicked ahead. The ball went out and Barrett wanting to play quickly gave Le Roux the ball and a try.

This gave the Boks a 21-12 lead but the All Blacks got back into the Boks half and put the phases together and got over for their third try.

Barrett missed the conversion and just before halftime Pollard got a penalty over for a lead at halftime of 24-17.

It was always going to be what the Springboks will be able to do in that second half which will decided the outcome and the perfect start when Kolbe who came on at halftime, intercept and got the Boks their forth try of the match.

The All Blacks was taken back with this good start from the Springboks and it took them another 10 minutes to get their first points on the board for the second half.

It was yet another great buildup with Ioane that made something out of nothing to reduce the score.

Jantjies came on the field after De Allende got a shoulder injury and move into the ten spot with Pollard moving to twelve. This combination seemed to work for the Boks as Jantjies was prominent to give Aphiwe Dyantyi the miracle man finds space where there was none.

This gave the Springbok a 36-24 lead but the All Blacks were quickly to reduce this lead when Coles went over from a perfect drive from the All Blacks.

The Springboks were defending like demons and knocking the All Blacks back and forcing them into mistakes which we do not see everyday.

The Springboks then got a huge setback with Le Roux being send off for offside on the Boks line. That gave the All Blacks the chance they needed to get back into the game against 14 Springboks.

Must be honest, I thought that was game set and match for the Boks against the All Blacks in New Zealand but the Boks had other ideas.

What every the All Blacks throw at them they hit it back with power and determination.

The All Blacks with all the field possession from too many penalties given away by the Boks got another try when Savea got over from another lineout drive.

Barret could not kick the conversion and the Boks still lead 36-34 with 3 minutes to go.

It was epic from both sides in that final three minuets with the All Blacks throwing everything at the Boks and the Boks defending for their lives.

After the hooter the All Blacks still had a scrum five meters out and it cost some of the greatest defence we saw from a Boks side force the knock on and a historic win foe the Springboks against the All Blacks in New Zealand.

This will go down as one of that classic clashes between these two rugby nations.

Off-course this made the Bok Supporters happy

Springbok captain Kolisi was off-course happy with the win



All Blacks Springboks


Tries: Tries:
Barrett,Smith,Ioane(2),Taylor,Savie Dyantyi(2), Le Roux, Marx, Kolbe

Penalties Penalties
none Pollard
Cons Cons
Barrett(2) Pollard(4)


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  1. Not worth wasting time any more Cab, They will now say the ref, we were lucky it was only two points what fucking ever

    I said it, I am done with negative people, if you do not like it leave…

  2. @Jacques:

    Emphatic victory, totally unexpected, deeply proud supporter, my blood remains green.

    Nobody can however blame others for being negative, as their negativity was based on consistent inconsistency of this same team.

    The team needs to win over the support of the nation by consistently playing with unrelenting commitment like today, the ball is totally in their court.

    As good as they were today, so slapgat they were both in Argentina and Australia.

    Well done Bokke, you made us proud, keep it up!!

  3. Hope the fuckers whi think Stef is a lock will now also shut up. At least Flo made it clear he should go on pension now. Kolisi had a good game – with massive defence in first half.

  4. Nothing wrong in having high expectations, Jacques

    We’re a proud rugby nation, and have no time for mediocrity, and rightfully so.

    Give credit where credit is due, and criticise when critisism is due.

    What was phenomenal for me today was not only that we won, but that we scored 5 tries in NZ.

    That was stunning.

  5. But for fuck sakes we need to be realistic. Rassie is busy with process but people too easy to go on about black players, black captain.

    I said from the start give Rassie his chance to correct the shit from the past two years some just can not do that and can just move there focus to on certain payers

    We are in a building process for WC 2019 except that or move on

  6. @Jacques:

    Building or not building, correcting or not correcting, the one ingredient needed in a Bok Jersey is passion and commitment.

    Mendoza and Brisbane that ingredient was so totally lacking, and from the white and black senior players in the team.

    Imagine how the NZ public would be slating their team if they played like the Boks did in Argentina and Australia.

    Today was true Bok rugby as we’ve known in through the years.

    Absolutely beautiful to watch.

  7. Kolisi said: “We wanted to look each other in the eye and said we did the best that we could against the best team in the world. “The boys did just that and I’m so proud of all of them. Coach Rassie and the other coaching staff did an excellent job to prepare us for this Test.”

    Erasmus said the players deserve praise for their courage on defence. They had to make more than 200 tackles: “The boys showed guts and I’m so glad for them. “We will take this win over the best team in the world and enjoy it, but we will keep our feet firmly on the ground.”

  8. @Jacques:

    It was a phenomenal effort, and I am extremely proud of our men, white and black, who pulled it through.

    Yes, Brisbane was an improvement from Mendoza with commitment, but today’s commitment is the type that is worthy of the Bok Jersey, the result is just the cherry on the cake for me, the commitment and guts they played with just totally did it for me.

    We won with only 25 % possession and still scored 5 tries as well. Imagine they could retain possession, get turnovers on the deck, steal line outs in the red zone, this bok team could still become legends.

    We’ll done boys

  9. Great day to be a Saffer in NZ. The compliments are flowing for a Bok side that played a massive 2nd 40 mins. I think the figures quoted here were 81% possession to the AB’s in the 2nd half and something like 222 tackles in the game by the Boks v less than 100 by the AB’s. Of course things would have been different if Barrett had kicked better and yes if he or DMac had gone for a drop in the last 5 mins but they didn’t and everyone including AB supporters are lauding this result. The old timers are saying this is how test matches between these 2 great rugby nations used to be and that the game has proved test match rugby is not dead. Most kiwis say that the AB’s needed a wake up call and rather that it was now than during RWC Japan next year. They are full of praise for a Bok side that played their hearts out – you only have to see the emotion shown by PSDT after the win to see how hard they played and how much it meant to win this game. Well done Boks and Rassie and your team.

  10. Great that the Argentinians won too – that result v the AB’s last week flattered the AB’s. Return games in Argentina and South Africa are mouth-watering propects.

  11. @cab:

    You mean like Cosatu that did not want this team to travel to NZ because they were ‘too white’ with the recent predictable dropping of Papier and co for wit players?

    Damn haven’t been able to watch a single game as I am on a fishing trip Island hopping the Southern Great Barrier Reef with zero television. Hate missing games that will go down as classics live.

    Nothing like the threat of the coach ‘perhaps’ losing his job and yet another threat by politicians to wrangle another huge ‘gees’ win by the Boks. Much better by the pack looking like the platforms set of old.

  12. Ah there Brycie is – gone fishing.

    We needed explanations as to how come this quota tier 2 team beat the best team in the world. It’s a miracle.

    That Bokke team got the talent to whup any team ter wereld – this coach is building a beast of a team.

    With the likes of stars like Sbu Nkosi, JLDP, Thor, serfontein, goosen, JP still maybe to come in, and 10 tests under Erasmus’ expert guidance to improve, RWC will go to Boks.

  13. @bryce_in_oz: I must say that Cosatu are a dying entity loosing over 300 000 members last year what I heard.

    Only they think they have a voice. The only reason they had a big mouth was because they fought we gonna get hammered.

    Bunch as Idiots as I said elsewhere they do not even know what the targets between SA Rugby and Government are.

    In the match 23 we had 8 players of colour. That is 34% and we need to be at 40% this year but that is a calculated % for the year

  14. @Jacques:


    Met respek kan jy letterlik in jou moer vlieg

    Kan ek jou dalk hieraan herinner

    Wat jy geskryf het

    Of wat van

    To beat the All Blacks you need to beat them at set pieces and at the breakdowns. Do we have the pack to do it?

    With another new backline we can not expect much better from what we have seen the past two weeks so all in all we can except that this weekend will not be pretty for us again.

    we do not have basic skills throughout the game

    So jy kan letterlik moertoe vlieg…


    Jy kan eweneeens in jou moer in vlieg

    Verstik aan hierdie

    Just giving jobs for all his old WP pals. Louw has been consistenly useless. Same with Kolisi.

    Strauli had Jorrie – now we have Kolisi.

    It is on Rassie’s instruction that we have dumb locks on centre, and tighheads on first receiver.

    In jou geval egter geen respek bedoel nie…

    The ONLY people who called this were cab and DJ.

    So the rest of you can just STFU

  15. That said I am going to piss everyone off by saying this was a total fluke.

    If you put a monkey in front of a typewriter randomly hitting keys eventually he will type MacBeth…

    This will happen on occasion…

    Lose to Argentina on the road and Australia (who have a seriously kak team) then beat NZ…. no logic

    Kinda like France…

    Which is where the Boks are…

    No longer The Boks

    But more like France who occasionally surprise a top side…

  16. DavidS

    The ball is in their (Springboks) court, they need to consistently play like yesterday to convince their supporters that they aren’t what you have just accused them of being, lucky.

    Your perspective (and many other’s as well) has been formed based on past performances which have been consistently inconsistent.

    I personally am hopeful and in fact optimistic that this squad can become legends restoring our pride in world rugby, and in doing so, win over the hearts of their supporters again, because they themselves broke it down by being piss poor the past years.

    Hopefully it’s not a pipe dream, but I’m willing to take the risk, I was incredibly proud yesterday, even if it was lucky (which Rassie even admitted to it being).

    GO BOKKE!!!!!

  17. You seem to be unhappy with the result Dawie.

    That’s the problem with negativity. You have to root for bad outcomes in order validate your outlook.
    When you are right you lose and when you are wrong you’re miserable.

  18. That said I’ll point out some wrongs.

    The Boks need to fix up their playing patterns. Ending up with 2 props and a hooker defending out wide is a no-no.

    Kolbe was in no man’s land when he was gifted that intercept. There was no need for the AB to make that pass and if he had held and ran the Boks would have been in serious trouble.

    Line-outs are still a problem. Scrums were just steady.
    Some nothing kicks by Pollard and Faf.
    Becoming scared to lose when you’re 14 points up against the ABs is understandable, but it needs to be dealt with. It almost cost them the game.

    Kriel looked a bit lost on the wing.

    Dyanti is a gem of a find. How is it possible that he’s been under the radar until now? Talant ID in SA rugby had a serious fail there.

  19. you might fluke the odd try or two, but you don’t fluke 80 mins of rugby against the ABs in their backyward.

    Which other side has fluked a win in NZ, it doesn’t happen ever. You need to be switched on and competing for 80 mins.

    This was always on the cards. That Bok pack is phenomenal. And this coach is very smart.

  20. Hey. If I choose someone for a job, I base my decision on their race and I discriminate in such a way that I have to push out people of another race to include that person , what is this called again?

    How can anyone be ok with a quota system? It’s pretty disgusting imo.

  21. @cab: oh, we no longer have a transformation system in place in South African rugby?

    Did this get removed recently and I missed it?

  22. 100% agree this win was a fluke. It was gritty & great but still a fluke & I say it’s about freakin time.
    How many times over the past decade did SA get fluked by NZ in NZ? Lood de Jagr in the closing minutes a few years ago comes to mind & also how they lost in the cake tin with The Goose also comes to mind. Also how bout that commie ref Poite that red-carded Bismarck in the opening minutes.
    2 intercept trys + 4x the amount of tackles vs NZ allowed grit & luck to rendevous.
    Lets keep Janjtes & Handy as the 10& 12 combo.
    Test win is all that counts. NZ blew it ( finally ) take that Puff Hansen.

  23. @cab:

    Yes indeed mate… bucket-list fishing trip. Have conquered the unspoilt reefs on fly and lures, mostly light-gear, nailing the pictured, which is the boat’s PB jigging metals off the bottom for a Coral Trout, amongst the Spanish Mack, Mack Tuna, Red Emperor, Doggie Tuna, GT’s et al. Even the missus has mastered jigging on light gear and bringing in a Mackie. Hitting the mangroves and systems of the mighty Fitzroy River from this arvo for the elusive Barramundi and Mangrove Jacks/Threadfin.


    COSATU’s comments on being too white before the test shows every single player of dark hue is being counted by the power’s that be, just as soon as every team-sheet has been announced. 10%,20%,30%,50% it will never be enough when there’s the slippery slope of agenda and identity politics, much to the detriment of player’s that actually deserve to be there. It’s very simple… race-based quota’s are not only unjust on every level, they’re unconstitutional and piss-weak.


    You mean like the Japs win over the Boks was not a fluke?

    Like I said I have not been able to watch the game yet… but everything points to a ‘gees’ win. 253 tackles in a game and the counter-win stats points to exactly that in every way. That level of ‘gees’ is simply not sustainable in a test season.

    That said it’s most certainly given them some much-needed momentum into the home tests. It’s about time to start building the home fortresses a-la Jake White… and more so away from altitude.


    Dyanti has a great story behind him. There’s an article floating around circa mid-Super-season somewhere. Talent-spotting and a bit of luck in injuries is exactly how this talented youngster came to the fore… after all but giving up a short stint in the game, to being given a go in the Varsity Cup at uni on a whim, then in the Lions lower teams and then injury to many of the talented wingers like Combrink and Skosan in the seniors.

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