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Steyn, Mellet cited


Vodacom Blue Bulls players Mornè Steyn and Mornè Mellett have been cited following alleged foul play in their semi-final clash against The Sharks in Durban on Saturday and both will appear before judicial officer Louis Booyse in Pretoria on Tuesday, 23 October 2012 at 14h00.

Mellett was cited by Citing Commissioner Edwyn Wyngard for allegedly tripping Sharks flyhalf Patrick Lambie in the 29th minute of the match, contrary to law 10.4 (d).

Steyn has been cited for allegedly breaching law, 10.4 (a), which deals with the striking of an opponent with, for instance the arm, and alternatively for breaching law 10.4 (e), for allegedly tackling an opponent dangerously with a stiff arm.

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  1. I remember both incidents. Steyn’s stiff arm was really not that bad, I am not his biggest fan, bt as fa are stiff arms go that was a poor attmept to hurt a player.

    Mellet should take a break, oh wait, the season is over. :whatever:

  2. Steyn looks tired and frustrated. He should take a break from all rugby until at least the S15!

  3. Whats more worrying is the very dangerous tackles that have been on guys trying to fetch with many cleanouts, tacklers judo throwing the fetcher head first into the ground and even sometimes flipping the fetcher over.

    Habadonna’s tackle in the Kiwi match as red card material.

    Steyn is a player under enourmous pressure getting blamed for poor game plans and well been outplayed by Lambie.

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