Now if you want to confuse a blerrie coach just ask him to join Stormers rugby.

The Stormers have restructured the roles of their coaching staff ahead of the 2018 Super Rugby campaign.

According to Netwerk24, Paul Treu who was the team’s defence coach, is now an assistant coach focusing on the Stormers’ attack until the third phase, while on defence he is responsible for the first phase until the set pieces.

Paul Feeney’s role has changed from backline and skills coach to attack and defence coach from unstructured play.

Last season’s forwards coach, Russell Winter, is now the assistant coach for forwards and contact situations, including breakdown scenarios.

‘What Robbie Fleck and Gert Smal want is that our roles fit with our personalities,’ Treu said of the reshuffle.

Maybe a good idea Fleck and Gert read this…


  1. Further blurring of responsibility. So if they get hammered, we must analyse from which phase tries were scored, before we can blame the blerrie coach.

  2. I am a guest of the Stroompies this weekend at Nuweland with one of the jersey sponsors…

    Every time I support the Stroompies for serious they get “proper fucked” to use the words of Mickey ‘O Neill in the movie Snatch

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