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Stormers work hard for win against Jaguares


The Stormers had to work hard for their first win of the season when they beat the Jaguares 28-20 on Saturday at Newlands

The Stormers started of well putting pressure on the Jaguares and kept them in their twenty-two. Their set pieces looked solid and the backline looked full of running.

It was the Jaguares however that put the first points on the board after a mistake from the Stormers on attack. The Jaguares worked their way to the Stormers twenty and forced the penalty to take a 3-0 lead.

The game did not really get going but it was the Stormers with the ball in hand and they were eventually able to send De Allende over for the first try.

The Jaguares had some decent runs with ball in hand but Stormers defence kept them out and everytime the Jaguares got within striking range the Stormers manage to turn it over and start a counter attack.

Handling errors and support play was not great in the first twenty minutes for Stormers as they left a few tries on the park in that first forty minutes.

The Stormers gave away a few penalties with the Jaguares that were able to kick another three points to reduce the lead to 7-6.

With the penalties against the Jaguares adding up in their own half they were given a yellow card and Willemse kicked the penalty to get the lead to 10-6.

Not long after that the Stormers were playing with a bit more flair with one man down from the Jaguares and they got their second score through Kolisi who knock a few players down to go over.

This gave the Stormers a 15-6 lead.

There was a late surge from the Jaguares as they had a lineout five meters out just before halftime but the Stormers kept them out and got into the change room with a 15-6 lead.

Second half started well for Stormers as Rhule got his first try for the Stormers in the corner after they started running from their own twenty-two.

This gave them a 22-6 lead.

The Stormers on attack making another handling error gave the Jaguares the ball and some ordinary defence from them gave the Argentinians their first try of the match.

This reduced the lead for the Stormers to only 22-13.

The game again did not go anywhere with too many handling errors for both teams. With the Jaguares on attack the Stormers had to do it all in defence and eventually had to kick the ball out but Duvenage kicked a nothing kick which gave the Jaguares another opportunity to attack.

With this Sameuls went in with the hands and got a yellow card. The Jaguares kept with the scrums and eventually got a penalty try which makes the score 25-20 for the Stormers.

This gave the Jaguares the spark they needed, and they came at the Stormers again which gave them another penalty a few meters out.

The Stormers came with a brilliant scrum and won a penalty which gave them ball to get out of their twenty-two.

It was yet another negative play that ended the game with the Jaguares playing a player without the ball as the Stormers where on attack.

Willense kicked the penalty over to take the win 28-20.

Jaguares will need to get this negative play out of their game as it is spoiling the game we love. One starting to get a bad vibe and we do not need this in our game.

The Stormers eventually deserved the win but hard work left for them on their handling and defence.

  • Tries – Raymond Rhule(41′) Siya Kolisi(32′) Damian de Allende(19′)
  • Penalties – Damian Willemse(81′) Damian Willemse(57′) Damian Willemse(28′)
  • Cons – Damian Willemse(42′) Damian Willemse(20′)


  • Tries  – Emiliano Boffelli(46′)
  • Penalties – Emiliano Boffelli(22′) Nicolas Sanchez(5′)
  • Cons – Nicolas Sanchez(47′)



Stormers Stormers 28   20 Jaguares Jaguares


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  1. @bryce_in_oz: To add to this they have individuals still trying to spark something on counter attack, no plan at the back and they will struggle to score tries against the better teams.

    Their scrums looked awful and nothing much to talk about concerning their loose play.

    You can have 15 brilliant individuals but if they can not work together as a team and play to a game plan they will come out ordinary which the Stormers have been and still look like this year

  2. Good try from De Allende. If he runs hard and ups his workrate, he can also be worldclass. SA got some v good centres at the moment

  3. Geez but things are dire in the Cape.

    Parts of Nuweland has bare patches of sand from not being watered.

    Gameday was fun.

    Bryce the Stormers were actually pretty decent scrumming in the beginning. Once that one prop was replaced… think with Louw or something the Stormers started to struggle.

    If Fleck keeps his job through this season it will be a travesty. That backline STILL has all the potential and apparently are not coached. It was clear everytime a Stormers player like Senatla or De Allende made a major line break that there was total surprise and teammates were not communicated with and many many opportunities were lost due to poor communication and support.

  4. @DavidS:

    Louw went off with an injury. The junior prop Sadie came on as a replacement. I have high hope for Carlu Sadie going forward, but it is his first senior season, so he has some work to do still to gte up there.

  5. @Jacques:

    Coming back to my comments from last week, Stormers over the last two seasons do not look properly coached. Basics like defense seems to be optional and as David mentioned, once a break is made by a player, his teammates are so surprised, there is no backup.

    Have to agree David, Stormers need a new coach like I need a paycheck every month.

  6. @Jacques:

    Maybe it will be for the better then. With Thelo gone, maybe they will catch a wake-up.


    Just kidding, WP will probably never catch a wake-up.

  7. @DavidS:

    Their pack and scrumming has never been a problem they have always had prop depth. But playing Rhule (the worst defender in Bok history), DDA (shocking defender), Willemse (shocker but still young), Petersen (shocking defender), Senatla (shocking defender lets in one try for every one he scores in sevens)… is just lunacy.

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