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Super Rugby going downhill?



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What is missing in the South African challenge to the Super Rugby of 2016?

Well we already have only two coaches out of the six that have done it before, but for the other four coaches it will become real on the weekend of 26th of February. The Stormers have at least a coach that have been involved with the Super Rugby team for the last couple of years as an assistant but being head coach will be a different monster to handle.

With the extra sixth team (Southern Kings) this year the pool of players for all teams to have good quality backup will be a problem. Super Rugby is not a sprint but a marathon with a squad that can keep momentum with the injuries that will come to every team during the season.

To add to the limited players pool that teams can pick from, SARU have change the Currie Cup this year as well where the Super Rugby franchise will automatically have a spot in the second round of the competition and the rest of the 14 unions will have to fight it out for the last three spots.

This have made the so-called smaller unions reluctant to release their players for Super Rugby franchises on loan, which is understandable for their survival in this professional era of the game.

Getting down to the players that all the franchises have available one can see gaps in all of the teams with maybe the exception of the Lions and that is exactly where the starting problems begin with the ever expanding of a competition that has always been the premiere tournament in the world.

Super Rugby from the start did not just showcase the best the south could offer the world but show of the exceptional skills of the top players in each country and the evolvement of the game which every other country and team in the world wanted to follow.

Sadly, I do not believe we have that place in the world rugby anymore. Plenty have been said by old and current players, coaches and administrators about this new expansion of the competition and yes it has its positives and negatives.

What we have really is an Australasian Super 9 and a Currie Cup Premiere  competition which include a Japanese and Puma team. Let’s be honest, the ultimate is to play the best teams week in and week out which include playing the best in the world, which are New Zealand teams. For half of the South African franchises that will not happen every year and our rugby will be poorer for that.

So what can we expect?

SANZAR that believe that they are doing what is great for the future of the organisation and we will have New Zealand still dominating, Australia that will get better for they will play every year against the best players and teams, which leave South African teams that will be poorer for it with a misconception even for the teams that top their groups.

***What is your expectations of the new expanded Super Rugby?


 By: Jacques Nortier



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  1. Bunny-
    I read this article & wondered if you’ve got a bout of European flu.
    It’s not fatal. Just a form of cynical premonition. I first encountered it when talking to English soccer fans before WC & they were draming up fanciful scenarios of how their team would choke in the finals – on a penalty kick or something out of a horror movie. While hearing I thought to myself…this oughta have a Wes Craven soundtrack.

    1) SA teams will play tough competition ( ie NZ teams) enough. For an inoculation to occur – its not necessary to take a bath in the disease you want to build immunity to – a shot is enough.
    SA teams will have plenty to know how they measure up & it will be beneficial for player management – lesser players will get worked in more – even relied upon more. S18 is more of a team sport now then ever before.

    2) Super Rugby does have a festival component to it. Look at how the Fun N Gun Cheetahs had fans from every other country listing them as their 2nd fave team to watch during their prolific playoff run.
    S18 can never be downhill because that assumes the Euro leagues are “uphill”. Screw that their rugby is gross I’ve watched it & they play in swamps where the footing sucks.

    3) Totally think its fine to be dour about the Int game. Afterall SA still does not have a coach. As much as I want to think this is some amazing plot to announce the SunKing as player-coach at the last minute…
    Bottom line is S18 will still be fun. ZeeBulls will still be moral-less zombies that you can root against, Robby Fleck will surprise & disappoint like a guy you would’nt want as your daughter’s boyfriend, Cheetahs – who knows & The C-Cells will have their #15 levitate at times so I’m stoked!
    C’mon Bunny…..Go sunny side up !

  2. @Americano: Very happy you are still a believer….but now a days to be a believer in Super Rugby is exactly the same as those stupid teenage girls whom form part of the Justin Bieber Believers, which is why I rather be alone in my thinking then than a believer

  3. We’re fucked…
    The Speares and “expanded CC” is a fucking stupid destructive idea with the sole purpose of giving those Eastern Cape BEE twats an ANC team to dilute our rugby and fuck ourselves.

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