Allister Coetzee have stuck with the same players at pivot positions again for this weekend test match against Argentina which do show that he want to give these players the opportunity to develop at test level.


It is a fine line a coach needs to walk when he brings in Super Rugby stars into the Springboks as some players have proven in the past that  they do not all always succeed at this level.  There is no question that the South African public is demanding perfection from day one and that is where the coach needs to stay calm when things do not go his way on the field with his game plan or players he selected.

If you take that the combination of De Klerk and Jantjies who have only been together for three starts at international level, one can understand when the coach asked for us to give Jantjies enough opportunity and support this week.  Jantjies had an erratic game last week and allot was spoken in the media after the test in Nelspruit about Jantjies, who has not step up from Super Rugby to test level yet.

If actually take the backline then you can see that from nine to fifteen we have five players who has played together for only three test matches thus far. Two of them, Habana and Goosen, only started last week and at international level it does take time for players to firstly get used to each other and secondly  get use to the new coach and his ways.

Signs have been there since Coetzee took over and their has been some improvements in certain aspects of this team but the time has now come for these players to do this for the full eighty minutes and not just for ten minutes here or ten minutes there to safe test matches. We need to win test matches not safe them every time we come on to the field.

For any team to be successful you need your nine and ten dominating and Jantjies and de Klerk are the two players that will have to be on par for the rest of the team to have success. Coetzee and his troops will not be able to afford another erratic game from either of these two players and playing away for the next three weeks is not going to be easy.

With both Jantjies and De Klerk mindset towards the attacking game one do feel that they are sometimes caught between two worlds, with the brain wanting to play the attacking game they played at the Lions and the coach and the team that need them to have to play towards the Boks game.

One need to understand that the same as Ackermann and his Lions players had to start somewhere to build towards the team they have become at the Lions this year, Coetzee and his team had to start somewhere as well, it is a marathon not a 100 meter dash with Bolt.

With the forwards last week dominating the Pumas, we need  the backline to fire as well which will make this a very exciting team as they have the ability to play towards space on the field and with the impact Coetzee have available from the bench it is actually great as the bench have now come on in two test matches to safe the day, which is exactly what you want from your bench.

It is a very nice option to have the Lions combination of De Klerk and Jantjies for the Springboks, but with Jantjies in his forth test since Coetzee took over, one do expect that the coach will start demanding better from the Lions fly-half.



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  1. Another problem is the Jantjes/DDA/Mapoe combo has been rubbish on defence and impotent on attack…

    Frans Steyn or RJVR is needed quicksmart if this continues this weekend… and with Lambie out I would consider Goosen at 10 and Kriel at 15 either way…

  2. @bryce_in_oz: Defense of Jantjies and his centre pair was not that bad Bryce, my worry with Elton is on attack…

    If you compare him last week with Barrett you get 18 carries to 2 of Jantjies, 4 Clean Breaks against Jantjies 1, Defenders beaten 7 against Jantjies 1, Jantjies making three handling errors against Barrett 0, meters run 116 against Jantjies 21.

    Jantjies only missed 1 tackle

  3. @Jacques:

    Jantjes has the flankers in his channel particularly Mahoje which is why the latter was missing at the breakdowns…

  4. On his attack when your forwards are smashing the breakdowns and pick-n-driving like lunatics up the middle sucking in defenders… of course Barret’s offensive stats are going to be sublime…

  5. @Jacques:

    However he is no Beuden Barret all the same… the guy has actually stepped his game up a few notches from Super Rugby which in itself is stupendous…

  6. I think jantjies must do two things:

    1. Take ownership and start dictating play and attack

    2. Shave that ridiculous thing off his chin.

  7. In fairness to Jantjies, the Boks pack does not really give him frontfoot ball of broken play. Unless we start cleaning rucks like the Lions, we can’t expect him to play like he did at the Lions. Morne Steyn is more suited for the pressure our backline is under.

    Hopefully this weekend our towards allow Jantjies to come good should be the heading. Unfair to compare him to Barret, who has played a lot of international rugby and has a pack of demons clearing the rucks.

  8. @Aldo: Well the rest are useless Aldo only one I could find to compare him against was Barrett….

    I was crucified this weekend to say that the forwards did not give him and Faf the greatest ball.

    I was also being crucified for giving Faf the high rating as I was told he was crap

    I hope my cretinism comes through as uplifting, I like Jantjies best we have in SA this year

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