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Two Samoans in trouble


Two Samoans, one for impersonating a WWE wrestler and the other for sexual harassment, will appear before a disciplinary committee.

Samoa fullback, James So’oialo, was cited for an incident involving South African hooker, Adriaan Strauss, in the Castle Lager Incoming Series final at Loftus Versfeld, Pretoria, on Saturday.

So’oialo was cited under Law 10.4(m), committing an act contrary to good sportsmanship. He is alleged to have grabbed the testicles of Strauss.

The incident, which occurred in the 12th minute of the second half was referred to Judicial Officer, Jeff Blackett, by citing commissioner, Peter Larter, both of the Rugby Football Union.

So’oialo will appear at a judicial hearing at the Southern Sun Montecasino Hotel, Johannesburg, at 09h00 on Sunday, 23 June.

Meanwhile Samoan wing, Alesana Tuilagi, will appear before a disciplinary hearing following his sending off in the same match for a dangerous tackle on Springbok centre, Jean de Villiers. That hearing is scheduled to take place at 10h00 at the same venue.

South Africa won the match 56-23.

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  1. vuilgat werf-etters!

    Samoa should be relegated to some other divisions playing with Georgia, Potugal, Romania etc. till they can learn to play fair and clean rugby.

    They don’t deserve playing the top tier countries.

    there were 3 red card offences, and at least a yellow.

    squeezing Strauss’s nuts
    decappitating JdV
    Booting Flo’s head
    Kicking @ Coenie’s nuts after a perfectly legal tackle

  2. Come on Welshbok, they ay hard like us, but the same as we had Bakkies, Burger and Greyling soing brain fart stuff so do they.

    I rather play a team like Samoa than a team like last week that”plays to the referee”

  3. Hard perfect, dirty going for the balls, ABSOLUTELY not.

    ONAANVAARBAAR, like eye gouging and biting.

    Bakkies, Schalk and Dean were isolated incidents, and not all in one game. I’ll still accept a head but and a fist, but never a ball grab, biting and eyes.

  4. as usual, the njamau got away with it, cleared of pinching Strauss in an indecent way.

    inconsistencies, how about Burger’s eye gouging, far less conspicuous than this, getting him many weeks out.

  5. So what does SARU management say about this crap? Again, they hide behind protocols and procedures when they are needed to do their farkin job and stand up for their players. :Rule 9: :whatever:

  6. Now was the ideal time to scream foul to the high heavens and we did not use this opportunity.

    We had won comprehensively so shouting about the Samoan foul play would not have gone down like sour grapes.

    But again, we want to be the good guys, not upset anyone. The time where we had to grovel and be glad to have been allowed back into international rugby is long gone.

    To SARU: How about growing some balls and looking after our own interests? You seem to forget that we have to face these same headhunters in a world cup next time. What if their foul play injure some of our players at that time and it influences our world cup? No use throwing toys then, it will be too late.

  7. Jip, these ballgrabbers and headhunters should
    get a serious talking to. Saru could have been
    instrumental, but once again did the puppy trick
    falling over on its back and pissing.

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