2019 Rugby World Cup Japan Schedule

RWC00 11h30 Opening Ceremony (Tokyo Stadium), 2019/09/20

Round 1
RWC01 12h45 Pool A Japan v Russia (Tokyo Stadium), 2019/09/20

Round 2
RWC02 06h45 Pool D Australia v Fiji (Sapporo Dome), 2019/09/21
RWC03 09h15 Pool C France v Argentina (Tokyo Stadium), 2019/09/21
RWC04 11h45 Pool B New Zealand v South Africa (International Stadium Yokohama), 2019/09/21

Round 3
RWC05 07h15 Pool B Italy v Namibia (Hanazono Rugby Stadium), 2019/09/22
RWC06 09h45 Pool A Ireland v Scotland (International Stadium Yokohama), 2019/09/22
RWC07 12h15 Pool C England v Tonga (Sapporo Dome), 2019/09/22

Round 4
RWC08 12h15 Pool D Wales v Georgia (City of Toyota Stadium), 2019/09/23

Round 5
RWC09 12h15 Pool A Russia v Samoa (Kumagaya Rugby Stadium), 2019/09/24

Round 6
RWC10 07h15 Pool D Fiji v Uruguay (Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium), 2019/09/25

Round 7
RWC11 09h45 Pool B Italy v Canada (Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium), 2019/09/26
RWC12 12h45 Pool C England v United States (Kobe Misaki Stadium), 2019/09/26

Round 8
RWC13 06h45 Pool C Argentina v Tonga (Hanazono Rugby Stadium), 2019/09/28
RWC14 09h15 Pool A Japan v Ireland (Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa), 2019/09/28
RWC15 11h45 Pool B South Africa v Namibia (City of Toyota Stadium), 2019/09/28

Round 9
RWC16 07h15 Pool D Georgia v Uruguay (Kumagaya Rugby Stadium), 2019/09/29
RWC17 09h45 Pool D Australia v Wales (Tokyo Stadium), 2019/09/29

Round 10
RWC18 12h15 Pool A Scotland v Samoa (Kobe Misaki Stadium), 2019/09/30

Round 11
RWC19 09h45 Pool C France v United States (Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium), 2019/10/02
RWC20 12h15 Pool B New Zealand v Canada (Oita Stadium), 2019/10/02

Round 12
RWC21 07h15 Pool D Georgia v Fiji (Hanazono Rugby Stadium), 2019/10/03
RWC22 12h15 Pool A Ireland v Russia (Kobe Misaki Stadium), 2019/10/03

Round 13
RWC23 11h45 Pool B South Africa v Italy (Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa), 2019/10/04

Round 14
RWC24 07h15 Pool D Australia v Uruguay (Oita Stadium), 2019/10/05
RWC25 10h00 Pool C England v Argentina (Tokyo Stadium), 2019/10/05
RWC26 12h30 Pool A Japan v Samoa (City of Toyota Stadium), 2019/10/05

Round 15
RWC27 06h45 Pool B New Zealand v Namibia (Tokyo Stadium), 2019/10/06
RWC28 09h45 Pool C France v Tonga (Kumamoto Stadium), 2019/10/06

Round 16
RWC29 12h15 Pool B South Africa v Canada (Kobe Misaki Stadium), 2019/10/08

Round 17
RWC30 06h45 Pool C Argentina v United States (Kumagaya Rugby Stadium), 2019/10/09
RWC31 09h15 Pool A Scotland v Russia (Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa), 2019/10/09
RWC32 11h45 Pool D Wales v Fiji (Oita Stadium), 2019/10/09

Round 18
RWC33 12h15 Pool D Australia v Georgia (Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa), 2019/10/11

Round 19
RWC34 06h45 Pool B New Zealand v Italy (City of Toyota Stadium), 2019/10/12
RWC35 10h15 Pool C England v France (International Stadium Yokohama), 2019/10/12
RWC36 12h45 Pool A Ireland v Samoa (Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium), 2019/10/12

Round 20
RWC37 05h15 Pool B Namibia v Canada (Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium), 2019/10/13
RWC38 07h45 Pool C United States v Tonga (Hanazono Rugby Stadium), 2019/10/13
RWC39 10h15 Pool D Wales v Uruguay (Kumamoto Stadium), 2019/10/13
RWC40 12h45 Pool A Japan v Scotland (International Stadium Yokohama), 2019/10/13

Round 21 – Quarterfinals 1 and 2
RWC41 09h15 QF1h W Pool C v RU Pool D (Oita Stadium), 2019/10/19
RWC42 12h15 QF2h W Pool B v RU Pool A (Tokyo Stadium), 2019/10/19

Round 22 – Quarterfinals 3 and 4
RWC43 09h15 QF3h W Pool D v RU Pool C (Oita Stadium), 2019/10/20
RWC44 12h15 QF4h W Pool A v RU Pool B (Tokyo Stadium), 2019/10/20

Round 23 – Semifinal 1
RWC45 10h00 SF1h W QF1 v W QF2 (International Stadium Yokohama), 2019/10/26

Round 24 – Semifinal 2
RWC46 11h00 SF2h W QF3 v W QF4 (International Stadium Yokohama), 2019/10/27

Round 25 – Bronze Final
RWC47 11h00 Bronze final (Tokyo Stadium), 2019/11/01

Round 26 – Final
RWC48 Final 11h00 (International Stadium Yokohama), 2019/11/02

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