So WP Rugby president Thelo Wakefield will meet with Stormers coach Robbie Fleck and director of rugby Gert Smal on Monday to discuss the team’s woeful performances in Super Rugby this year.

This is very interesting if you think about it…This is the same Wakefield that with De Klerk and Hoskins decided that Mitchell will not be appointed the Stormers coach after Gert Small wanted him.

This is the same Wakefield that appointed Robbie Fleck as the Stormers coach when Fleck was coaching the U21 and they over looked Dobson for the job.

I am sure that De Klerk is very happy that he convince Wakefield not to appoint Micthell after seeing his Lions side rip the Stormers apart over the weekend.

Wakefield is now unhappy and told Netwerk24 that he will be seeking answers from Fleck and Small.

“We can’t afford empty stands at Newlands. We want to sell suites and tickets and build our support base. And we won’t achieve that with the rugby we’ve been playing.”

Wakefield added that a tough draw and injuries cannot be used as an excuse.

It is a bit think I think that he now wants to ask Gert Small about the state of rugby if the Director of Rugby was not given what he wanted.

It is time that Wakefield gets the boot with all his mate’s

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  1. For sure, this Wakefield guy is the chief problem. Complete moron. He’s the first one who should be resigning. If Mitchell had been given talent at WP, they would clean up.

  2. Wakefield should stuff off too. Dobson’s non appointment was a horror of nepotism.

    It’s a wonder he’s stayed. The Lions or Bulls would have done excellent to buy him up. Sharks too. Cheetahs too.

  3. @DavidS: I am a huge Dobson fan David, can not believe he did not get it same as I cannot believe that Notshe cannot get a start in this team with idiots like Carr there.

    I wish Lions or Bulls will buy Notshe so that he can get a chance

  4. Dobson was quite a disappoinment at WP (was it Vodacom cup?). He seemed similar to Nollis – good varsity coach at best. Would he have grown better than Fleck currently? Hmm, not sure. To be honest Fleck has done well with the cards (and budget!) given. And with lazy fuckers like Kol-kol-isi forced unto him.

  5. @Bekke:

    Dobson have reached the at least the semi’s in every senior competition he has coached. Won the (watered down admittedly) Currie Cup as well last year. He came through the ranks and proved he is a thinking coach, he deserved a shot at the Stormers a lot more than Fleck who coached the U21 for a season and coached the most ineffective backline in Super rugby history when he assisted Allister.

    The corner stones of Allister’s success at the Stormers was built on a competitive pack (Thanks Proudfoot) and some of the best defense in the competition (thanks Nienaber). Not a lot of that success had much to do with Fleck I am afraid as he has proven over three years in charge of the Stormers.

  6. As for Thelo, my impression of him has been made clear over the years he has presided over the union. The man and his cronies are a cancer eating at the heart of WP rugby. They are killing a once proud union from the inside.

    I am afraid WP rugby is nearing the point of no return, when they will become just another also ran union shipping huge amounts of junior talent to other unions who are serious about performance or even to overseas clubs.

  7. The one thing I will say about fleck is he at least tries different things and brings in new players, like the young willemse. different mindset to most of our past coaches. But yeah he Needs to be balanced and offset by a more experience rugby coach. Coach is one position where you don’t want inexperience in your top teams.

  8. @Craven: To show the effect of Wakefield and fleck, you just need to look at my father. A passionate wp fan all his life, yet he celebrated the pounding the stormers got from the Lions and the loss to the Bulls. He says he just cannot support the stormers

  9. Willemse was introduced to senior rugby by Dobson who played him at fullback for WP last year.

  10. @DavidS:

    Davis, that is correct. Dobson has been in charge of the WP Currie Cup team since 2015.

    – 2015 – Lost the in the final to the Lions
    – 2016 – Lost the semi-final to the Blue Bulls
    – 2017 – Won the final against the Sharks

  11. @Craven: I believe one must look further than titles

    He gave UCT their first VC after they were nowhere

    He develops the talent which Fleck F*** up

    He has won the SS Challenge with clean record last year

    SR players was playes better under him as well and express themselves better

    I believed then and now he should be the SR coach, Fleck can be his assistant

  12. Ah yes… is this not the same Jabba the Wakefield that is being rewarded for his incompetence at Provincial level with the opportunity to fuck things up at an even higher level… namely at SARU?

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