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Where has the Bok gone?

Image: Siphiwe Sibeko / Reuters

This year has been hard on us Bok fans, with most of us simply losing our passion for the team and game we love. There are many reasons for this, from too much rugby, to the biggest one, the performance of our beloved Bok team.


To make it worse, a number of Boks have come out and criticized the squad, the coach, the circus that is SARU, with the most recent, Bakkies Botha, saying the body language shows a team lacking passion. How is it possible for a young man, pulling on the Bok shirt to not be passionate. I grew up playing endless games in the backyard, sometimes even playing against imaginery opposition and kicking that Stransky drop goal to the roar of the imaginary crowd. It gave me massive joy doing this and I dreamed of someday wearing Bok colors. Sadly it wasn’t to be, but you move on and idolize the guys that do have the talent to make it happen.


This season has come to an end no second to soon though, as a Passionate and vocal rugby supporter, I could not wait for the final whistle against Wales. Where has the passion gone to? Where are the young boys idolizing the Boks? They now idolize player from the All Blacks, but you don’t hear players wanting to be the next Victor Matfield or Joost van der Westhuizen. Faf de Klerk grew up idolizing Joost, the question I have, is how many kids now want to be him? I just don’t see it.


The reason for our disgust and disappointment and vitriol, is that these guys represent our hopes and dreams. They live our dream. Come on, surely that is worth more than the discouraging and pathetic performances we see every week?


You guys carry our dreams, you guys represent what we wanted to be. Keep your heads up, carry the bok emblem with pride. Enjoy the off season, knowing that in the new year, you have the opportunity to redeem yourself. Focus on doing the small things better, and maybe once again, we will have kids dreaming of becoming being the next Handre Pollard, or Jamba Ulengo.


My message to the Boks and management is easy. You are losing the young kids. You are losing the future that should be out there dreaming to be boks. You are losing the money, as these kids will not buy merchandise or tickets at the prices we pay now, unless you stop the rot. Take your biggest stakeholder into account and stop killing of our dreams. You get to live a life of envy for many of us, don’t let the future fans lose that envy.

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  1. Janee that photo is doing my head in. I can’t take another year of this oke. Just clueless, no passion, all talk. Clueless.

  2. De Villiers 100 times better coach, no ways he would’ve had this record. The Great One hated losing. Actually he’s the only coach id ask back. Proper running rugby attacking positive mindset.

  3. Honestly, they should just kill the Bok officially and get it over with. For all intents and purposes the Bok is dead already.

    Wathc SARU keep Coetzee for next year, couldn’t miss the politicians asking for him to not be fired.
    And then watch guys declining selection due to “personal” or “family” reasons, that is what I would do. You do not want to damage your own brand and earning potential overseas running with these bunch of clowns.

  4. Aldo, the Bok went to greener pastures of the Dubai 7’s. Different coach, different game but that was a pretty impressive display by the Blitzbokke! Wish I was in the Mother City for the next round next weekend.

  5. As for the 15-man game, it is interesting to note that in
    2016 Coetzee has a 30% win success rate (4 from 13) and Cheika a marginally better 40% win success rate (6 from 15) yet nobody seems to be demanding Cheika be replaced?

    We are being told in NZ that Dave Rennie, current Chiefs head coach is in line for the Bok job should AC be asked to step down on 13 Dec. Any truth in that? Rennie in August indicated he wanted to move on from Hamilton and was said to be moving on to Glasgow next year after a last year with the embattled Chiefs which would give him the international exposure he needs if he is to stand a chance to replace Steve Hansen in 2019.

  6. Hello Mr outwide.
    I can’t imagine a NZ coach for SA. There are good coaches doing yeoman’s work from SA so how come?
    They could go with Ackermann or they could go with JakeWhite with Ackermann beside him along with Jimmy Stonehouse etc.
    Now’s the time to get taut not all loosey goosey.

  7. Those are the rumors Outwide. Big issue with doing that is the R13million to pay out Coetsee, as he has no performance clause.

    As for Cheika, the big difference is that there has been improvement from game one to the last in the Australian side. Koochie koo has steadily gone backwards

  8. @out wide:

    Fair enough, just bear in mind that the Wallabies had to face the only unbeaten team in 2016, the resurgent England team, 4 times this year. Throw in the Giant slaying Ireland team and suddenly their record does not seem as bad as a Bok team who lost to Italy, Argentina and copped a record score against the Abs at home. No comparison between the two I am afraid.

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