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White expresses concern over Meyer’s ‘style’


There’s a problem with Heyneke Meyer’s Springbok coaching style, says former Bok mentor, Jake White.


According to the Beeld website, speaking at Emperors Palace on Wednesday, White, who now coaches the Brumbies in Super Rugby, said Meyer’s style isn’t one which is going to help the Boks achieve success.

“The Boks’ 16-all draw against Argentina last weekend is a perfect example,” White said.

“If you don’t pick up a four-try bonus point against Argentina, something’s wrong.

“Heyneke will always be open for criticism thanks to his previous association with the Bulls.

“He was picked as Springbok coach as a result of his success as Bulls coach and Director of Coaching, and of course that will play a role in the way he coaches the Boks.”

White added that he believed Meyer will default back to what worked so successfully for the Bulls as soon as he or the team is under pressure.

“For example, if he has to choose between (Stormers fullback) Gio Aplon and his Bulls counterpart Zane Kirchner, he’ll select Kirchner every time.”

Former Springbok captain and current commentator, Bob Skinstad, who was present at the same gathering at Emperors Palace, hinted at the word “dictator” as being the best way to sum up Meyer.

“One can see how during Tests he (Meyer) tells the players precisely what to do. They should rather learn to adapt to the situation on the field,” Skinstad said.

Meyer, 44, who succeeded Peter de Villiers as national coach in January 2012, has a Test record of “won three and drawn two” since taking over.

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  1. Jawat,I’ll go with that.
    Jake White,even though i hate to agree
    with OomD,
    he has it bang on.

    You are a doos.

  2. And there we have it…….from the coach that had a faultless record!

    You won a WC and that is absolutely great. However, you stumbled quite a lot on your way to that achievement.

    We know you love yourself, but at least have the grace to now allow someone else his moment at the helm.

    I could in a way understand why you might have had animosity towards PDivvy – hell, he took the job that was unfairly taken away from you, but jeez you are a sour puss!!!!

    oh yes, I can also remember you sticking to certain players and game plans when to everyone else it was obvious that they weren’t good enough…… How long before you eventually changed your centre pairing??

  3. Hope that JW words do not come back and bite you in the arsh…..

    The problem is always you will have some that will agree with it and some not….some that thinks the same and some not……

    You will have always have some kind of excuse when things go wrong,,,,like injuries to certain players or you will face up to a kak gameplan and selections you made.

    I was just wondering why suddely Daniels is out of the team now after he was made thge X Factor player three weeks before????

    HM just need to leave all news papers and webpages and do what he think is the best in his mind…..Either he will be great for the boks otr not that simple but give him a change to finish against AB and Aus home and away and the EOY tour before we say he is not good for Bok rugby.

    Injuries is a lame excuse now a days…..the rugby is not going to get less and injuries is part of a caoch plans.

    HM I believe is still busy implementing is way of life in the Bok Camp. A coach that did so good at the Bulls can not be that kak, I do believe he surrounded him with shit assistant coaches but that is just my personla feeling.

    I also do belive will soon see the end of Habs, Jean and other senior players think they can pull and ANC gravy train on HM.

    He will not go down as a kak coach because his players did not perform.

    Their are alot of stuff that HM did which I do not agree on but the things you can see differnet in the Boks are more than the wrongs.

    Go HM, hope we are in tune when we take the Aussie on in Perth, and then the windgat NZ.

  4. Also agree it’s fugging rich seeing as what he accuses Meyer os is exactly the way he coached and what he was criticized for.

  5. It’s just plain bad manners for a
    previous coach to criticise his
    I can’t remember any of them previously
    being guilty of this.

    :Rule 9:

  6. I guess Jake just cannot help being true to his ego.

    I am going to say it. I know I shouldn’t.


  7. Words probably taken out of context, but all quoted are 100% true. And then DavidS also strarts with a D, and ends with an S, and f-all inbetween? :soek:

  8. I think JW under estimates HM’s abilities. At least I hope he has, what worries me is that JW has got very astute analysis skills.

  9. Reply to Ollie @ 3:34 pm:

    Jake does not take into account the
    players HM has at his disposal.
    Still, you can’t get away from the
    fact that this team has gone backwards
    since the Pom tests – with virtually the
    same personnel.
    Give HM time – a year from now we will
    know how good a coach he is at this

  10. Reply to Boertjie @ 3:39 pm:

    That’s what I reckon as well. It’s too early to tell with all the injuries and the changing of the guard.

    We should know more in the November games

  11. Not too early to analyse his coaching team, nor his drill-seargent childish screaming in the mike…

  12. I have always been a big admirer of Jake, but I dont like what he is doing here. He should know better as he has been in this position himself with everyone calling for his scalp.

    He is probably also still sour because Matfield said the best coach he has ever played under was Heyneke, not Jake.

  13. Come on, he’s in the country, he’s invited to an event where rugby fans want to get honest answers from an astute analyst. Surely he provided the context and difficulties of the job. But hats off to him from steering away from blah blah jargon like “we will give it our best” and all that other crap…

  14. Reply to Bekke @ 5:31 pm:

    That may be so, but then one would
    still expect a balanced evaluation
    from him – which it was not.
    He could have walked away with some
    honour aqnd respect.

    He chose not to.

  15. The opinion is based on the selected few sentences, from speaking for longer than an hour? It’s like saying Hak Hak Meyer is a bad coach after viewing only his first game at SWD!!!

  16. You might find that some selective reporting has happened. Why can Mallet critsise HM, but not White?
    But llets be fair, the Boks under HM are playing a crap style of rugby. Should Potgieter be a Bok? Should Hougaard be a kicking scrumhalf? Should Steyn still be standing 10m away in the pocket, kicking every ball away? Should Kirchner be doing his two step side step and then run into the defender, or kick every other ball away aimlessly?

    Surely a coach is responsible for at least some of this?

  17. HM is a worry. He is reacting to criticism and definitely going to pop his head with that walkie taklie thing.

    Jake fluked the RWC. We would not have won if we met the Kiwis and the Aussies. His game plan was all too similar to every one that was before and followed. In fact if he did not win the fluke RWC his record is shit. He was on a upward learning curve before getting pumped and would have been much better off coaching at S15 before the seniors.

    This is part of been the Bok coach. Everyone is throwing rocks. Lets give HM time and see what he delivers.

  18. Reply to Loosehead @ 5:13 am:

    Mallett never referred to HM – only
    to the way the team was playing.
    Maybe there is a difference – even implying
    sympathy with a coach whose players
    were letting him down?

  19. Listen to this on Ballz Radio, it’s a frank interview with Jake White.


    Clears up a lot and he makes a good point regarding HM.

    Basically HM was hired without interviews processes etc. He was hired witt the expectation that he would coach according to the style that he has done for years with the Bulls. Why are people surprised 5 games into his tenure that the Boks play the way it was expected?

    The second question is do we expect that his style of rugby is good enough for international rugby?

    There are some other things as well.

  20. Reply to Ollie @ 12:04 pm:

    Good enough to win RWC for England 2003 and Boks 1995 and Boks 2007.

    Why the hell get a bunch of pawpaws to “interview” somone they have no idea abou concerning issues they have no ideas about when they can look at the CV and see the results for themselves.

    Interviews are idiotic for international coach. No longer happens at high level corporate appointments… rather headhunt the best you can get.

  21. He did win the World Cup in 2007………..

    ….by beating England twice and Argentina once……

    ….. a feat already equalled by HM.

    Perhaps our expectations of HM are just so much higher than that.

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