Montpellier head coach Jake White has admitted he is interested in becoming England boss after the World Cup, but doesn’t think the RFU would select him.


The former South Africa boss, who led the Boks to Rugby World Cup glory in 2007, has since been coach at the Brumbies, Sharks and Montpellier.

And when asked by the Daily Mail if he would be interested, he said: “England have everything going for them in terms of resources, players and history.

“If they were genuinely interested and they approached me, of course I would be interested. It’s one of the biggest jobs in world sport and you’d be crazy not to consider it.”

White though seems to have a sour taste from past attempts to take on a role with England.

“When I was with the Boks, I was approached to put my name in for Rob Andrew’s job,” he said. “Then they contacted me before appointing Martin Johnson and Stuart Lancaster.

“All three times, they’ve gone for English people. Generally it’s used as a means to make the other candidates look like they have a bit of credence.

“The last three World Cups must send a message: if you go for a coach who’s never coached international rugby, it’s going to be ‘same old, same old’.

“They’ve tried it with Andy Robinson, Martin Johnson and Stuart Lancaster. They have one of the biggest budgets in the world but their coaches only have a few years’ experience.”

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  1. There is no better team (and weather!) in the world to try his up-and-udder gameplan, supported by heavy forwards and the rush-defense. But as he said: I doubt whether England will go for non-English coach.

  2. Winner. He will give them results. However he is a jumper. Wants every job in the world. has had 4 in the last 3 years. Crazy.

  3. I thought he wanted to be closer to his family.

    Must be feeling quite the arse now. If he stuck around he could have coached the Wallabies

  4. Eddie Jones is also keen on the position it seems….wonder if he can get out of his Stormers contract

  5. Every single coach in the whole world would be interested in the position, if the press asked Pdivvy the same question he would give more or less the same answer but only in a more entertaining way.

  6. @GrootBull: it pays well. I do wanna ask. What is the difference between HM & SL besides the WC fortunes? Is the WC the grade and standard to which we grade the coaches because SL has done more in 4 years for Eng than HM for Bokke.

    Again I emphasize bar WC SL ahead.

  7. @Sasori:

    I think pdivvy did more than either of them! Under HM the Bokke did not get better, we lost more games than ever, FFS we lost to JAPAN!
    Pdivvy beat NZ regularly, we beat them in NZ – and like it or not THAT is and stays the target until we become the team to beat at home!
    IMO we need a man with a plan as coach for the next RWC. Ackers & coachng team?

  8. Its not as simple as that I’m afraid, we would have beaten NZL with Carel Du Pleases coaching that generation.

    Its been documented before NZL were in a slump and we were in the midst of a golden generation and with rules that suited that generation of players. Meyer still has a better % then Divvie…

  9. @Sasori: By each nation’s standards though the English did better or like us . Never won 6N, but managed to bring in 40 + JWC winners into the squad. Meaning the English scrapped 90% of their ballies in the pursuit of a new generation. Thhey also managed to have the highest number of graduates in their WC squad. So my question is.. All that matters is winning WC right? Surely?

  10. The world cup matters too much. Judging who the “best” team is every 4 years over a 4 week period, well lets just say its not a good indication of that. I don’t consider the world cup winners to be world champions, just the best team at that tournament for the set of rules applied with some luck added in.

    SL should not lose his job simply because the campaign was a flop. Losing to Wales and AUS is not a disgrace. Unlike losing to JPN *shock*

    Imagine if we were in a pool with AUS, ENG and JPN :S

    A better indication of who the world champ is is the ranking system. It should hold more water when deciding success or failure for a coach.

  11. @Sasori: Haha I agree. Well we will see. Vultures after the job. I hope he get ultimatum really. Japan loss will last forever hey?

  12. The greatest – what a ciach.

    None of them managed what he did in 2009 despite both White and Meyer having the same players.

    The greatest hammered the british lions and backed the burger eye-gouge. He then jumped in a plane, insulted every last kiwi, bliksemed them 3-0, got back on the plane, end of, job done.


  13. @cab: And in 2010 he lost 3-0 to NZL with those same players, maybe it was just a fluke….or maybe NZL were underperforming that year *unknw*

  14. @Benedict Chanakira: I dont agree with how many people reacted to the Japan loss, I cannot hate a sports team, because its just a sport. It was a disgrace, but shit happens, however for some people it was as if a family member had just died…..

  15. @Sasori: yes, I think it was taken too far. Proud nation however and whatever improvement japan had done the Springboks are never to lose to tier II sides. Only Wales has manged such and us now. PDV? My only thought is he had that batch of AB in 2009 and he beat it. That was what he had.

  16. @Benedict Chanakira:
    Like the japan game pdiv’s record is in the history books – hm has a worse record than pdiv. Hm has one of the worst records!
    It looks like he will however be around after the rwc which means he can recover and set the record straight.

  17. It does sound like I am detracting from Divvie’s ability, but its not my intention.

    He had to have been a good coach since he achieved plenty before becoming the Bokke coach, and had a better then average win % at the end of his tenure.

    Unfortunately he seemed to have both his feet firmly planted in his mouth at all times so its no wonder he never really coached again….

    One of my favourite quotes: “We are very organised at the moment (after winning 2009 Tri-Nations). We do not want to become a fruit salad.” *crazy*

  18. What a character.

    Let’s face it, it’s not any worse than:

    ‘Do you think we concussed ourselves?’ … when we did


    ‘None of the Ireland team would make the Bok team’ … Shortly before getting an almighty klapping

    Janee let’s face it, we are not the sharpest.

  19. I back HM. Hope he does us proud now and post WC. Boks have the most number of rugby players in the world but we have results that question most of that

  20. My favourite was ‘if you want to run with the big dogs, you got to lift a leg.’

    Makes sense. He was ahead of his time. And they crucified him. Not right.

  21. @Benedict Chanakira:

    He defended them to the hilt – loyal to a fault and they dropped him like a hot potato. Schalk eye gouge was blatant and he told the pommie press its not ballet – oh fk how I laughed. It was great no one could say anything

  22. Yeah I think its England then us.

    But we have a vast untapped pool, we could literally double the no of registered rugby players, never mind what we can do to develop players in the rest of Africa.

    Imagine if every year having access to a new Ulengo or Beast. We should try and expand the Currie Cup to Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Kenya. We’ve done it before with other teams.

    Africa has its problems, plus it would be hard to replace Soccer as the no 1 team sport, but there is potential there.

  23. Geez I’m looking at Uruguay quite possibly the kak jest team in the tournament and eben they know how to defend with all the umbrella structures – kiwi coaches kinda revolutioned everything.

  24. @cab:

    any coach that takes over the Bokke with a 4 year run up to 2019 has EVERYTHING going for him. SA overflowing with young talent. maybe only short on a 9 but the rest we are world class.
    1. Beast will still be there
    2. Marx, Strauss
    3. Malherbe
    4. Lood
    5. Eben
    6. Kriel
    7. PSDT
    8. Whitely? Vermeulen?
    9. Reinach might still become the real deal
    10. Pollard/Lambie
    11. Skosan
    12. DDA/Minisi
    13. Kriel/JanS
    14. Ulengo?
    15. Bulls young 15

  25. @Sasori: agree potential is there. In bundles.

    @cab: NZ has perfected everything. Darn kiwis. That is why they have 7/20 coaches at the Wc.

  26. @JT_BOKBEFOK!:

    Like your hookers. Think there some serious talent – not so sure whitely bok material but those lions bugges doing something right. I think Etseberg déjàger PsDT and pollard DDA kriel are potentially unbelieva combos. Also some THs coming through – koch given v bad run of green I reckon.

  27. @cab:
    With they type of work Morne is doing we will have even more talent coming through in the years to come. Our junior structures seem to be working! It is only our 21year olds up wards that it becomes a lottery – you have to be in the right team at the right time to be developed properly!

  28. You right, dunno where next no 9 to come from, not sure reinach is worldclass – need real sharoness like that Aaron smith , bugger twitchier than a live wire.

  29. @JT_BOKBEFOK!:

    What’s he doing – funny I was speaking to my body the other day, it’s as you say after school what happens to them – the army’s not a big thing anymore and the university’s are pretty Kak with all the clever kids and the club sides are a bit limited cos no one got the time.

  30. @cab:

    you have to ask him but something about tracking young talent?
    Uni’s are good but how many talented can’t afford uni or need to work to make a living. Not all have parents that can keep their kids at home forever…

  31. @Benedict Chanakira:
    “Never won 6N, but managed to bring in 40 + JWC winners into the squad. Meaning the English scrapped 90% of their ballies in the pursuit of a new generation.”

    I don’t think it worked out as well as he hoped… Like it or not, England needed those experienced heads, especially against Wales and against the Boks last year on the EOYT.

  32. For all the anti-Jake White guys out there….I get it.
    He’d be to England what a viagra would be to a pensioner dude doing holiday in Thailand.
    Stu Lancaster was a zombie full stop.
    Take away the jealousy or envy from the commentary and an objective eye would recognize JW would transform this listless giant into an AllBlack-Abattoir.
    Bet that Steve Puffy Hansen is hoping he doesn’t get the gig.

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