With Springbok coach Coetzee sending a SOS to SARU in getting experts involved with the Springboks the jury is out on who will actually be able to assist Toetie in the next two test?


Well come to think about it we can look at it in three aspects where he needs assistance, kicking, defense, back line play and in a lesser forward play, hell that is all aspects of the Springboks play.

Kicking have been poor throughout the Springboks test this year and we are not just talking about kicking for points. In some ways kicking out of hand go hand in hand with chasers that put pressure on opposition which was one of the bigger problems for the Boks so far.

I great option for the Boks will be to help Louis Koen as a specialist kicking coach, Braam van Straaten or Percy.

The next one Toetie will need is a backline attacking coach and I have two coaches that I believe will add value to the team. You do not need to look further than Swys De Bruyn and Franco Smith to help sort out our back line play and give Stick the help he need. In fact i will have both or at least one of them indeterminately involved with the Springboks as an consultant.

Defense is a difficult one as I do believe the only problem we have is structure in our defense. And with SARU screwing up the option of Jacques Nienaber we are sitting with a problem as Chean Roux have shown he is not the right man and still need to learn a hell of allot to get from Varsity Cup level to Test level.

It seems the only option here is to get either one of the franchises defensive coaches involved or try and get the respected and experienced John McFarland back.

In the forwards I do not understand why Pieter De Villiers is not pulled into the mix. He works for SARU(Well, for how long we do not know) and he has so much to offer a Springbok scrum who frankly did not yet produced one full 80 minutes this year.

Personally I will add a conditioning coach as well and someone who can sort out the players heads, maybe the coaches as well.

Who do you want to be involved with the Springboks?


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  1. One of the most important areas overlooked is a breakdowns specialist. In attack, we are being turned over comfortably, and in defense, we not getting the turnovers we should be getting.

    Coaching the sweet spot in ballance by getting the right numbers to the breakdowns on attack, and still having sufficient ball carriers waiting in the flanks for next fases. Defensively, the same, just with defenders in stead of carriers.

    With Gray there as coach, we were fetching with Bismarck, Flo and Vermeulen, now we only have Flo who has been very awful, and Strauss who has been slightly less awful.

  2. @Welshbok die Brandwag: Don’t you think is just because of the players he pick?

    Flo has been slow although he had a better test against the AB but he is half the player he was. We also do not have a fetcher in the team, like you said, between an inform Flo, Bismarck and Thor we had great players at breakdown

  3. @Jacques:

    No, these are basics required in any game of rugby, like passing and tackling.

    They should be able to assess the video footage, and determine who’s arses need to be kicked. If the skillset isn’t there, then change your selections, or ells coach.

    Problem is that if those who are doing video analysis are incapable of seeing the problem, how on earth can they coach the issue right or even do accurate selections.

  4. Easy to agree with you welshbok. Who helps the Lions with rucks? They have been rucking all year long and don’t say it’s because of Kriel. The technique and, as we used to say, the blanket has been missing. We do not ruck as a team.

    Also, we seriously need a defensive coach to assist, as well as someone to help with Peripheral vision. What was that lady called that Jake White called in? Surely Coetsee should have a working relationship with her? Seeing as he was back line coach. I don’t think Stick needs an assistant, AC was a Bok back line coach, he should be able to assist Stick, if the rest gets taken care of.

  5. I don’t think Franchise coaches should be involved as consultants, so swys and Smith a big no go for me. They should be at the indaba and we should have an indaba like this twice a year, not just when things go south. But franchise coaches should be available only to the franchises, who pay their salaries.

    We do need help for AC, I feel he took on a job that was doomed to fail right from the start. Whether you brought in Ackermann as bok coach, would not have changed anything. Also his cv when Bok coach was announced, consisted of a single cc trophy. So I am glad he gets the opportunity to grow in his current role. Can only get better for it.

  6. @Aldo: I must disagree on Swys on Smith, we can see what they have done with both the Lions and Cheetahs and as consultants they can add much more than just twice a year.

    With Springboks playing outside SR it is also easier for them to get involved as consultants than getting someone from outside.

    I think we need to face it…Stick will not be fired and all Toetie can do is to get him some people to help and let him develop

  7. @Welshbok die Brandwag:

    Pretty much spot-on… I simply cannot understand how most cannot see this…

    Whilst I agree on the Scot… the Boks under him were better in this regard as a collective… but were still shocking in rucking/counter-rucking en-masse on own/opposition ball… and that down-trend has continued to where we are now… getting turned over at will and pressured on own ball for not cleaning out at pace and gifting opposition quick ball when the only player namely Flo is left to do all the ‘supposed’ fetching when it’s the collective at the tackle zone arriving first to do so. and I won’t start on the lack of ‘ effective’pick-n-gos’…

    So it’s definitely that aspect of forward coaching (along with backs at the breakdown) that needs addressing too..

    Quite frankly the only team in SR that has been good in this department and the others you’ve mention has been the Lions… so if they are not going to get in some international help in these departments… they can start with the Lion’s brains-trust.

    As an aside… if AC has not the nouse nor temerity to come up with these assistants on his own… should he really have been there in the first place?

  8. @Aldo:

    AC is not a backline coaches arse… exactly why JW called in EJ… and why the Stormer’s could only counter-attack with their backs…

    Damn right they need another backline/attack coach… and I would not be carrying Stick either…although it’s pretty obvious he’s going nowhere.

    So now the fuck-ups at SARU are going to have to search for a short term solution with SR coaches both internationally and locally, paying top dollar and carrying the current muppets in the ‘brains-trust’. And I very much doubt the NZRU would be keen on any of their provincial coaches ‘moon-lighting’ with another national side if any side at all.

    Where is that cat Graeme Henry at? We saw the change in the Argies in one season as a ‘consultant’. I’m pretty sure he could restructure the coaching squad quick-smart…

    I’m still punting around 7 losses from 12 this year no matter who comes in… the damage has been done…

  9. To effect any meaningful change the following needs ro happen first:
    -The caoch must have freedom to choose his assistants.
    -The coach must have freedom to select players of his choosing.
    -SA rugby must collectively give up on the runnung around without a plan, plan and get back to the tradional SA play where they have a competitive advantage.

    I’d say it will take another 2 to 3 years to get to the above and before things will be more notmal again.

  10. Well there we have the answer from the horse’s mouth… Allister Coetzee won’t consult coaches outside of the existing team and has denied that his staff is in need of extra technical assistance

    “‘What SOS have I sent?’ Coetzee said, in reference to the media report. ‘That’s something you guys [the media] have created. I don’t read the papers, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    ‘I’m happy with what we’ve got right here at the moment in terms of coaches. If I had a problem with my coaches I would let them know and I would let SA Rugby know.””

  11. And this…

    “Allister Coetzee has backed his much-maligned centre contingent and said that the inclusion of Frans Steyn or Rohan Janse van Rensburg won’t strengthen the team”

    “Coetzee also defended his back-row selections, stating that he is ‘happy with the balance of that combination at the moment’.”

    First loss at Loftus against the Wallabies coming up?

  12. @bryce_in_oz:

    To be honest, I almost fear a close win more than a loss at Loftus. A loss would maybe make the powers that be look up, or so I hope, but a close win will be heralded as a team that finally has gelled, while it would actually just be plaster over some massive cracks. Unless we win convincingly, it would not mean a thing as Australia have enough problems of their own to sort out.

    But as always, GO BOKKE!

  13. If it’s swys that’s behind the lions Renaissance then he Ackerman should most def be involved with Boks.

    If the results go the way I think this coach is going to come under so much pressure, he’ll have no chance.

    Bottom line swallow your pride and get on board ppl that know how the modern game should be played and won. Who cares about the franchises, the Boks should always come first. What greater honour is their than to represent your country?

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