Ireland would be a magnificent host of the 2023 World Cup. Might be a bit of a Guinness blur but the craic would be grand, by Gregor Paul Sports writer for NZHerald

France, too, would make a fabulous job of it, using all of their Gallic charm, eccentricities and culinary delights to make it six weeks to remember.

Both would deliver a bucket-load of cash for World Rugby. Especially France, but the Irish bid has a surprising number of match tickets to sell as they are using a number of GAA grounds that have 40,000-plus seats.

World Rugby has the luxury of choice. Always a good thing. But it does of course have a third option, which is South Africa.

The Republic isn’t in great shape. The economy has gone to hell in a hand cart. The political scene is messy, right up to the top where President Jacob Zuma has had to survive a vote of no confidence.

The infrastructure is all there after hosting the 2010 Football World Cup, but while there are big stadiums and a big population, there’s no guarantee locals will go to games. Low wages and high prices are never a good mix.

Security is a rising concern, although whether South Africa is a greater risk than France is debatable, but still, there’s a perception perhaps that fans will need to take extra care which is never a great selling point.

And yet despite the volatility and lack of stability, perceived or real, South Africa is absolutely where the 2023 World Cup should be held.

Forget the economics, the politics, the sponsors, the time zones, the broadcast implications and whatever else the money men endless fret about.

Deciding a World Cup host shouldn’t be a cold, clinical exercise made on the back of a handful of grey men and women pouring over spreadsheets and giving their view on the numbers.

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  1. Easily the most ill thought out scribble I have seen in over a decade of reading rugby “journalism”. That’s a massivive indictment given the estrogen laced conventional wisdom of former Messerschmitt-Willie LeRoux Denier Gavin Rich !

    The author is OBVIOUSLY going through something massive on the personal/emotional front or was under the influence of psylocibin when he realized his deadline was in 20 minutes and he had to write something…..anything.

    He gets VERY specific regarding all sorts of reality based reasons SA shouldn’t get the WC without mentioning they already had it twice already! Give it to Ireland for the sake of the game & sportsmanship for crissakes. They-Have-Never-Had-It.

  2. SA getting WC over Ireland would make Sep Blatter look like a choir boy vs the creeps on the IRB selection committee.

  3. Americano, I blame you for me just wasting a minute of my day. Worst peace of journalism I have ever seen. So headline says why South Africa should get World Cup, yet the article does not say why. I blame Americano, if he hadn’t commented, I wouldn’t have seen the article and waste my day.

  4. Now you got me thinking Aldo. How could Bunny post that without some form of comment? Like an arsonist he just lit a rag, threw it through a window & split. No note. No nothing.
    Just leaving us readers with a hollow feeling that this vapid thing is actually journalism.
    I’m gonna embrace this victimization & blow off work tomorrow.
    Now is a time for healing.

  5. Naaww… keep it in Europe instead of this craphole place of BEE, unemployment, corruption, failing infrastructure and endless blameness

  6. I do not know which is the bigger shithole… corrupt RSA or Islamic ghetto France?

    Ireland would be a great world cup…

  7. @bryce_in_oz: Corrupt SA, you are bloody right. My wife and I spent 6 weeks in SA this winter and are now R31000 out of pocket thanks to corporate corruption – credit card fraud which the bank refuses to reverse and another R6000 being paid unwarranted to the car hire company by my overseas insurer for a damaged bumper that was not damaged when I took it back. Nah, give RWC2023 to the paddies, they play some good footy, know how to organise a party and won’t steal your money.

  8. @Americano: Heh, heh , yes one is left confused reading Gregor Paul’s piece. What is the bugger trying to say? But then it is the NZ Herald he is writing for and they, like some of their journo’s, like to put out stuff from leftfield and are not always taken seriously here in NZ.

    Bunny has however only used part of his article and if you go to the NZ Herald original, you will see that he goes on to say “it is time SA was shown some love”. What the hell? When foreign journo’s start awarding your country stuff because they feel sorry for you, you know your country is in trouble.

  9. If RWC 2023 is held in France or Ireland, the droves of rugby supporters likely to go from New Zealand and Australia do not of course need entrance visas to get into the country. What Mr Paul fails to tell his kiwi readers is the attack on their back pockets begins long before they leave if they want to go to a RWC2023 hosted in South Africa. They will all need visas to get in and not the easy way through your travel agent or over the internet. In a classic bit of diplomatic tit for tat, the SA government decided they now need to fly from wherever they are in NZ, present themselves personally at the SA High Commission in Wellington for a 10 minute face to face interview and then go back home again before they get a visa.

    No wonder kiwis now to go to Kenya for their African safaris.

  10. And effectively you need court orders and DNA tests and a video of the live birth to be allowed to come to this shithole with your own children.

    ALL overseas tourists are moaning about how difficult it is to get here with your kids.

    I had to carry birth certificates and marriage certificates and an affidavit to get my own damn child back into her home country.

    In Dubai we just needed to show she had a visa…

    My one Irish friend laminated his kids’ birth certificates to ensure they were not damaged and I fucken kid you not was refused entry to South Africa for his children because of that…

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