Pedrie Wannenburg can consider himself lucky that he was not banned from rugby, the South African Institute for Drug Free Sport said on Monday.
Cobus Claassen – Beeld

This follows after Wannenburg, a Bulls and Springbok rugby player, revealed in the magazine Finesse that he had abused cocaine, ecstasy and alcohol.

Chris Hattingh, a pharmacist and board member of the South African Institute for Drug Free Sport, said on Monday that if there was sufficient evidence for Wannenburg’s abuse and it was swept under the carpet, it “is a scandal for South African rugby”.

The Blue Bulls Company (BBM) said in a statement on Monday that “similar rumours” about Wannenburg had reached them in the 2008 season.

BBM chief executive Barend van Graan said that it was immediately discussed with Wannenburg and handled internally.

Van Graan did not want to elaborate on how the internal process was conducted and whether Wannenburg had made the same confession as he did in the interview.

“We view the matter as closed and won’t comment further.”

According to the statement, it is the BBM’s policy to regularly test players for banned substances and Wannenburg has “always tested negative”.

Beeld asked Van Graan whether Wannenburg had told the BBM in 2008 that he had used drugs, but he stood by his “no comment”.

Wannenburg said in an interview that a video was made in a night club in which he used drugs. It was sent to the BBRU and apparently led to a warning by Bulls coach Frans Ludeke.

The player did not attend Monday’s Bulls training session.

Hattingh said that Wannenburg’s revelations held serious implications.

“Had he brought it out earlier and there was sufficient evidence, one has to ask the question as to why the appropriate steps were not taken. We view it in a serious light,” said Hattingh.

English prop Matt Stevens, who was born in England, was last year suspended from all rugby for two years after testing positive for a banned substance.

Stevens admitted that, like Wannenburg, he had used cocaine.

SA Rugby said on Monday that it was not considering a suspension for Wannenburg.

SARU chief executive Johan Prinsloo said Wannenburg had taken the “critical first step to admit to the problem” and believes he will overcome it with the help of the BBM.

“Rugby and sport has no place for those who use drugs and we condemn it in the strongest terms, but we would be naïve to try and pretend that players are not sometimes sucked in by a dangerous lifestyle,” he said.

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  1. Blue Bulls Official Statement:

    We refer to the article published in the latest Finesse magazine and also the Beeld news paper dated
    11 January 2010 regarding this matter.

    Rumors of similar nature came to the Company’s attention during 2008 whereafter the Company immediately had discussions with Pedrie in this regard. The matter was handled internally.

    It is Company policy to have our players tested on a regular basis. Pedrie has always tested negative.

    The Company regard this matter as settled and will not be available for any further comments.

    Issued by CEO: Mr Barend van Graan,

  2. Alcohol, cocaine, ecstacy… only cocaine is arguably ‘performance enhancing’… and P3 never once tested positive for it… a bit of ‘hearsay’ means fokall…

    I’m not condoning him using pills and charlie… but FFS I’d wager 70% of RSA punters (even more in western countries) between the age of 16-38 have had a few weekends on one or both… it’s just the way it is in the modern world… big farkin deal…

    And as for the alcohol part… RSA is one of the worst abusers of the substance from 12- 80!

  3. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 10:51 am:

    I’ve read that “designer drugs”
    are widely used in the yuppie
    and business circles in the BRSA.
    Also that quite a percentage of
    junior rugby players are using
    enhancing substances.

  4. OK

    I gue$$ its haPPening afterlong last

    Sportspeople are not Super

    So whether they endorse this or that product means voKKol after aLL.

    Time for aLL the people who had studied consumerism 101-5oh whatevah to sue their “institutions of higher learning” coz the Sports management buzniz is obviously built on 11.1.11 then!

  5. A line or two,a good drink
    shagging his brains out,
    whats to reproach?
    experimentation of youth?
    not being n diaken?

    ja-ja,let he with no sin
    cast the first stone hey.

  6. Exactly Willem.
    i personally could’t give a shit
    what he stuffs in his nose
    or anywhere else,
    its his time on the pitch
    that should count.
    if one affects the other
    then he should make a plan
    but it seems
    as always
    the snot and trane
    only comes after being busted.
    to tell the ducks
    what they want to hear.

  7. Reply to Duiwel @ 1:50 pm:

    Then we are on the same page – on this

    To my mind – if he had the nEEd to come clean

    conduct an open preSS conference

    Say I am soRRy to those he fEEls so inclined and

    : bigfinger: to the rest.

    Could have just stayed silent as weLL and mend his ways.

  8. I was just reminded of Joe Roff

    I mean if the Wobblies and Brumbies can field an oke who tested positive for steroids and SA Rugby rolled over and played dead on the issue then sure as hell P3 can make a tearful Hansie confession and get away with it too… two years after the fact.

    I’m with Dybel on this

    (General Knowldege – where does that spelling of the name Dybil come from?)

  9. Reply to WiLLem @ 11:07 am:
    Personally I will never walk around in public wearing a shirt that says VODACOM, SASOL or God forbid MR PRICE in big fat letters on it.

    Paying $$$ to act as a human billboard = stupid.
    Buying their sop story ‘tell all’ books or magazine articles = stupid.

    We pay to watch them do their thing on the field and if, like P3 in the last 2 years, they cannot entertain us there, then we move on.

  10. hehehe


    N-Ierland premier uit ná vrou se vryery
    2010-01-12 09:15

    Anesca Smith

    Londen – Noord-Ierland se premier, Peter Robinson, het Maandag tydelik uit sy pos getree in ’n politieke krisis wat spruit uit sy 60-jarige vrou se liefdesverhouding met ’n 21-jarige man.

    Robinson, leier van die Democratic Union Party (DUP), het ’n kabinetskollega, Arlene Forster, gevra om minstens vir die volgende ses weke as premier in te staan.

    Sy het dié aankondiging Maandag gemaak.

    Dit volg nadat die buite-egtelike verhouding tussen Robinson se vrou, Iris, en Kirk McCambley, toe dié 19 jaar oud was, verlede week op die lappe gekom het.

    Boonop is onthul dat Iris Robinson haar jong minnaar op onreël­matige wyse gehelp het om ’n restaurant in die suide van Belfast te open.

    Sy het glo ’n lening van £50 000 (sowat R589 000) van twee eiendomsontwikkelaars vir hom verkry en was boonop ’n lid van die plaaslike raad wat toestemming aan hom verleen het om die restaurant te open.

    Intussen vind die Ierse publiek die hele skandaal onweerstaanbaar komies, het die Independent Maandag berig.

    Die liedjie “Mrs Robinson” deur Simon & Garfunkel is tans een van die gewildste versoeke op radiostasies in Belfast.

    Die premier ontken dat hy bewus was van sy vrou se bedrywighede en het teruggestaan uit sy pos in die hoop da ’n onafhanklike ondersoek in die komende weke sy onskuld sal bewys.

    Hy word beskuldig dat hy geweet het van die lening en nie hierdie belange verklaar het nie.

    Sy vrou, self ’n LP, is intussen die naweek uit die party geskop. Sy ontvang glo psigiatriese hulp ná sy kort nadat die verhouding op die lappe gekom het glo probeer het om selfmoord te pleeg.

    Na verneem word, is Westminster ’n ondersteuner van Robinson se premierskap weens sy tegemoetkomende betrekkinge met die linksgesinde Sinn Fein-party.

    Die skandaal is verlede week deur die BBC-program Spotlight aan die lig gebring.

  11. Well I am not willing to entertain the notion of ‘but nothing happened to them so why must anything happen to him’.

    Comparing disciplinary procedures between different rugby nations is a disaster in anycase.

    What I have a problem with is that a direct and very clear controvension of rules that exist when it comes to using and/or abusing banned substances whether performance enhancers or recreational drugs has been swept under the carpet by the Bulls who received a copy of this alleged video.

    Far be it from me to judge Pedrie, it is not my place, but if he was caught crossing the line which he clearly was given that the video was sent to the Bulls he should have faced the consequences that comes with that.

    Best of luck to Pedrie on his recovery and fight against the addiction, but in my books, the Bulls need to be brought to task IF they indeed swept this incident under the carpet.

  12. Reply to DavidS @ 2:52 pm: Obscure

    In the 80’s Rapport had comics in “Strokies Rapport” a comic insert and included was an Afrikaans version of The Phantom called Die Skim whose dog was called Duiwel, but Die Skim’s kids called him Dybil

  13. Fyndraai,
    exactly so.
    Like old Rome watching the gladiators.
    I don’t nessacarily want to hear
    their sob story.
    I want to watch them play rugby.
    Thats what they are paid for.
    When they can’t preform
    at a level where i enjoy watching them,
    move along,boet,the que is building up
    behind you.

    I don’t need to know about their life
    the pitch is where i pay attention.

    Steriods is not allowed.
    the rules are there.
    make your choices and play.
    I want to see blood and skill.

  14. Oom Dawie,
    you have too much time on your hands,boet,
    you need to ride.
    die gees wat wandel.
    gaan dit op my full face spray die yaar
    vir die DH.
    Last year’s had “fuck it” on.
    its now on my little reception effort
    and has the odd glance.
    This year i bust the norco atomic
    in two and
    A duck with a flat tried to flag me down
    last year,
    after i avoided nudging him with a muddy mary
    he walked up and looked at my dooibie
    and said never mind.
    And off i went.

  15. Oh ja,
    with the new atomic frame,
    i busted die rockshox boxxer race 203 too.
    Thin pipes.
    Thumbs up for the second frame,
    my gat los geval op n about vertical drop.
    Bosvark agterna sit en
    empty space … clackaclackacclacko.
    lied for about twenty just feeling for
    ribs sticking out.

    A sram groot
    kop has given me the 180mm
    with some beefy pipes
    as a present.
    in two.
    Split the atom.
    then when the atom held
    oil sqiurting from an impact
    like halle berry was near.
    and he offered this
    as a gift

  16. ja oom dawie needs a ride and get fresh air. he thinks the world is out to get the whiteys and the christians I fear he might start a new hillsong group called ‘the southlanders’

  17. Corne Krige might not have been wrong about P3 all that time ago.

    Hy’t hom mos fokkol gelaaik nie.

  18. Reply to DavidS @ 9:23 pm:

    Die Skim is steeds in Rapport.

    My stiefpa het daai comic vir
    my in 1951 begin lees, elke
    Sondag. Dit was lank voordat hy
    kinders gehad het – net die perd
    en die wolf.
    Koerant was toe Dagbreek en Sondagnuus,
    toe Die Beeld, toe Rapport.

    En die Skim het almal oorleef.

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