Bok coach Peter de Villiers is frustrated with the interpretation of the laws.

Springbok coach Peter de Villiers says that contrasting refereeing interpretations have left the Boks at their wits end. At a media conference in London on Monday, he did not hold back in voicing his displeasure.

“I have a big problem with the breakdowns and how they are being managed. I don’t understand them any more. I don’t understand the laws around them. It is getting extremely difficult to play,” he said.

“There were a handful of occasions against Scotland where we were right on their tryline and we were penalised for going off our feet when the Springbok players that were pulled off their feet were having no influence on the play, in any case,” the exasperated coach said.

“It is not easy for us to play these days because the laws are taking away our traditional strengths. There are no driving mauls any more and now they are making the breakdown so soft.

“The collisions used to be a strength of ours.”

Scotland coach Frank Hadden would agree. His team were penalised five times in a row early in the second half by English referee David Pearson, which changed the momentum of the game.

“The Scotland captain said that he did not know what to tell his players any more and John Smit also was unsure of what to do,” said De Villiers.

“It is frustrating. You send in reports and then the feedback is that the referee had his best game they can remember.”

De Villiers further said that pre-match meetings with referees were sometimes fruitless because often the referee would say one thing in the meeting and then referee something else.

“The worst part is that the new laws seem to be benefiting the defending team rather than the attacking team, and that is surely not how it should be.”

Saturday’s referee is Welshman Nigel Owens, who will be refereeing his first Test involving the Springboks.

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