We asked for feedback, listened, promised and now we deliver. 

The improved Rat Race can now allocate margin points not only for correct margins, but also for slightly off margins as well.

This system will be in operation for the first time during the Rugby World Cup kicking off in a few days.

Now I am not going to tell you anything about the prizes; that Morne will do in a separate article in the next day or so.  This is to tell you how Rat Race will operate, how the scores will be calculated and the winners determined.

How does it work?

Players will be able to load their predictions for upcoming games from today onwards.  You will be able to load the predictions for up to 8 games at any one time if they choose.  Make sure you get in before kick-off. 

Predictions for the Quarter finals, Semi- finals, Runners-up & Final will only be able to be loaded after the teams that will compete in these games, are finalised.

Players will be able to change their predictions if they wish at any time before kick-off.

Players will not be able to see the predictions of other players until the results for a specific game has been updated.  Due to the ability to change predictions, we cannot allow this.


The scoring are split into 3 categories namely Standard points, Bonus points & Margin points.

Standard points

Standard points are in reference to the outcome of the game in comparison with the predictions logged and include the following scenarios:

  1. Winning team predicted correctly = 3 (three) points
  2. Winning team and scores for both teams predicted correctly = 10 (ten) points
  3. Draw correctly predicted  = 10 (ten) points

Standard points are not cumulative therefor you can only earn points in one of the scenarios.  For instance if you predicted a draw of 15 all and the actual score turns out to be the same, only 12 points will be allocated in terms of scenario 3 and not 20 points as a sum of scenario 2 & 3. 

Please also note that for the knock out stages (quarters, semi & finals) TOTAL playing time will be taken into consideration for the final score.  In other words no draw points after normal playing time.

Bonus points

1 (one) bonus point will be allocated if the player correctly predicted the actual score of a team, no matter if the correct winning team was predicted.  Therefor it is still possible to score points even if the incorrect winning team was predicted.

Margin Points

Margin points are awarded only if the correct winning team was predicted.

The margin points are based on 3 levels:

  1. If the predicted margin is equal to the actual margin, the player will earn 3 (three) margin points,
  2. If the difference between the predicted margin and the actual margin is greater than 0 (zero) but smaller or equal to 3 (three), the player will earn 2 (two) margin points,
  3. If the difference between the predicted margin and the actual margin is greater than 3 (three) but smaller or equal to 7 (seven), the player will earn 1 (one) margin point.

Bonus and Margin points are cumulative and will be added to the standard points

NOTE:  Unlike other tipping games, in the case of a draw, margin points will still be allocated if a draw was not predicted.


      Points allocation
  Team 1 Team 2 StdPnts Bonus Margin1 Margin2 Margin3 Total
Player 1 29 21 3 1 2 6
Player 2 35 21 3 3
Player 3 35 24 3 1 1 5
Player 4 21 24 0 1 1
Player 5 20 15 3 3 6
Player 6 29 24 10 10
Actual result 29 24            

Results will be updated as soon as possible after the completion of the game. 

Results for each game will be detailed under the Scoring Results link in the Rat Race menu at the top of the sidebar. 

The current log standings can be accessed by clicking on the Rat Race Log tab in the sidebar. 

Player summaries for all the scored matches can be accessed by clicking on the Your Rat Race link in the Rat Race menu at the top of the sidebar.

Player Rankings

The ranking is determined as per the points earned during the competition.  The winner will be the player with the highest number of points at the end of the competition. 

Should there be more than one player with the same number of points at the end of the competition, the winner and runners-up will be determined via the following process:

  1. The player with the highest number of standard points
  2. Should it still be a tie, the player with the highest number of Bonus points
  3. Should it still be a tie, the player with the highest number of Margin points
  4. Should this still result in a tie, the process will be broken down in the different margin point levels
  5. In the unlikely event that this still doesn’t result in a clear winner, the Ruggaworld team will determine a system that can fairly & objectively determine the winner.  This system will be completely transparent and will most probably require the involvement of all the Rugrats should they choose to participate.

If this happens to be the case, a detailed calculation sheet on how the winner was determined will be published along with the announcement of the winner.

That is it in a nutshell and all that is left to say is:  LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

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  1. Eish, no more quick calculations to check whether you lost or gained any placed in the log. I hope you update the log quickly after games my nerves nearly didn’t handle the S15 waits for log updates

    Well done guys, looks like it will be a memorable competition.

  2. I just added something to the article. A unintended consequence with the margin points.

    If the actual result is a draw say 15 all, the margin is 0. Quite obvious. If you prediction was 20 – 18, the margin is 2 and therefor withing the margin specifications. You will receive 2 points.

    All in all this results that even if a game is a draw you will be able to up to 3 points.

    Very unintended consequence, but personally I actually like that.

    I did play around with the idea to have points deducted if your margin differed more than 14 points, but it didn’t materialise.

  3. Reply to Ollie @ 12:07 pm:

    As Morne said. He will also be able to update the results, so the results should not take too long. It is especially easy for me as most games are at decent hours for me.

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