Former All Black Andrew Mehrtens recons that Australia and New Zealand should dump South Africa and Argentina to move into Asia if the want to keep competing with Europe and United Kingdom’s money.

Mehrtens spoke to ESPN and said Super Rugby as it is standing now should be dumbed and a new tournament with Asia, Australia and New Zealand should be establish.

“Going forward if we push into Asia, if we can develop a competition that’s in the same timezone I think it’s going to be a better product,” the former All Blacks fly-half said to ESPN.
“I’ve said for a long time, we need to drop South Africa — as much as I love South Africa — logistically it’s a pain in the a—, same with Argentina.
Argentina needs to go up their timezone with the USA; South Africa go probably start developing franchises in Dubai or somewhere there, but I think our push is into Asia.”

Mehrtens believe believe creating a competition with Asia will help with the player drain they are facing.

This may just play in South Africans hands as they will get better broadcasting deals with European competitions and they will be playing in the same time zone.

I do not think it will better New Zealand and Australian rugby but frankly that is their problem.

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What do you think? Should we push to get out of SANZAAR?

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  1. Dude’s been huffing glue OBVIOUSLY.
    What asian based teams with 90% expats from both those places? LMfAO

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