Never easy to talk after being beaten so badly in a semi-final but New Zealand coaching staff and captain spoke to the media after the game.

On the other side the English press conference was in a much better mood


  1. This was always on the cards.

    Jones has put together a v good English side, but the think about jones which is different from Hansen and Erasmus is that he’s game plan proactively ABs positively takes the game to the other side. It beats the other side in all departments – does not look to knives the ball away and feed off the opponents mistakes.

    Before the buildup jones said it’s whoever takes the game to the other side. From the 1st second rnglandcwere switched on. Boks better start thinking hard – tomorrow is going to be hard enough to get through.

  2. I actually think the boks might have the better side , but if they don’t take the game to England and Wales – forget it.

  3. The All Blacks was caught off-guard and that does not happen a lot. England took away their biggest attacking platform – The Lineouts.

    All Blacks scrabbled and one need to give Nigel a thumbs up for not allowing NZ their illegal tactics in this game. He did not stand for the shit and it showed.

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