Social media is buzzing since the Springbok Rugby Sevens kit for the 2011/2012 season was revealed.

At first most individuals weren’t sure if it was a joke played by someone with too much time on his hands and a Photoshop knowledge, but we can assure you this kit is no joke.

The images can be viewed on Gallo Images website and were snapped when the Bok Sevens squad assembled in Stellenbosch for a training camp.

Personally, I have no words…  The image below was taken from Gallo’s website.

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  1. JIssis – seker mense mag nie sport klere ontwerp nie.
    wat het hulle gedink?

    Daar was nog net een leliker uitrusting in SA Rugby se geskiedenis – die Western Stormers se kots lelike jakkers in 1998..

  2. Apparently… And I use the word ‘apparently’ carefully, SA Rugby came out and said that these shorts are just the training shorts – they will play in traditional white shorts in actual games…

    Ja whatever dudes.

    You checked the massive criticism and did a rescue job.

    Anyone that followed Canterbury SA’s tweets today would have known this was the ‘official kit’.

    And even as ‘training kit’ this is an absolute shocker

  3. Canterbury head office should be distancing themselves from the South African franchise… shockers… was this a general consensus decision? I very much doubt it…

  4. Reply to Timeo @ 2:39 am:

    Touche’… although they don’t seem to look as bad when the top is the same colour as the ‘y-front’ part…

    Perhaps the ‘nappy’ part needed to be the same colour as the Green top… not white…

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