The Blue Bulls may not have had the perfect season in Super Rugby nor Currie Cup but changes are looking very good for the Pretoria base side to upset the favorites for this years Currie Cup title, The Sharks this coming Saturday in Durban.

Someone mentioned it over the weekend that nobody would really like to face the Blue Bulls in the semi finals this coming weekend and you can be sure that Robert Du Preez would have taken note of the danger that his side face this weekend against a hugely improved Blue Bulls side from what we have seen four weeks ago.

The Blue Bulls have been the most improved side the last month and they are looking like a fit and happy team under the coaching of Mitchell.

Their attacking play has been much talked about the lats couple of weeks and that can be a key for them comes Saturday. Add that the experience of Mitchell as a coach and one that have won the Currie Cup before with the Lions, it could be just what they needed to upset the Sharks.

Confidence is as much important than ability and skill and it is something the men in Blue will have plenty of going into the game. The interaction between forwards and backs and the speed on attack has been impressive from the Bulls.

With the former All Blacks coach being the master of turning ordinary sides into championship stock, it will come as no surprise that the men in blue will confidently tempt fate by seeing themselves as finalists for the second year running.

Mitchell is confident that his side can beat the Sharks this weekend and that the Bulls have nothing to lose than to go full out against the Sharks.

If we do present ourselves with a chance to get a step closer. What happens in the round robin is irrelevant, isn’t it? So we will start again and that is the great thing about finals. I will be using all my experience in that situation to prepare us as well as we can. It is always handy to have that experience as well and when the time comes we will give it a good crack,” said Mitchell.

We are expected Micthell to keep his same side when he announce it on Thursday.

The Sharks and Blue Bulls semi final will start at 17:15 on Saturday

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  1. Bulls defense and scrum is the massive issue going into this game and something the Sharks will be looking at closely. I foresee a high scoring game.

    Bulls have scored the most tries in curriecup this year, but have also conceded the most. So fitness might also come in,and I’m for the first time in years, confident we are fit enough. Bulls are the underdogs, but in play off games, anything can happen. No doubt Gelant will be a marked man, as a lot of our attack depends on him.

  2. No disrespect to the Bulls and Lions, but why the hell are we playing Semi-finals with two teams who could only win 50% and 42% of their games respectively? Makes these semis a bit of a farce.

    Probably for the extra revenue I would assume.

  3. @Craven: @Craven: Same thing with our teams in SR we win about the same % but get to a play-off match.

    All Competitions should have group stages and top two teams face in final.

    The Lions only have a 50% win record this season with the Blue Bulls at 42% and WP at 58% the Sharks won 83% of their games

    But we all worship Mammon these days

  4. I visited a witch doctor, she threw them bones and said, the Bulls have a chance, but they need to stop the forward momentum and get at least on an equal footing against the Sharks forwards. My heart sank, but she said “Don’t fear little one, the coastal warriors that think semis are wrong, will be sorely disappointed. The Bulls will step up, the Lions will be to strong for the poofters and the CC will stay inland where it belongs. Thus showing again that form during season counts for very little if you cannot handle the pressure of play off rugby.”.

    So Craven and bunny, what you guys want is two teams dominating the season, no close final round with any team up to second able to fall out of the top 4, falling out? You’re saying the Bulls and lions with a 50% and 42% winning ratio, should not play even though Province is only slightly better with 58%? Why not just leave out finals completely and give the Sharks the trophy as they have the highest winning %. It would be highly unfair if a team with an 83% winning ratio loses out to a team with a 58% wouldn’t it?

  5. I wonder what the 2002 Blue Bulls team that won the Currie cup, but finished fourth on the log would say about that. I also wonder what the 2005 Cheetahs cc team, that beat the Blue Bulls at Loftus would say about that, after the Blue Bulls dominated that season’s Currie cup. I also wonder what the 2007 Bulls superrugby team would say about that, after they need a miracle win to host a home semi when in all likelihood they should’ve snuck into the semis at 4th or at best 3rd position?

  6. @Aldo:

    Exactly Aldo, I agree completely, like in the English Premier League, award the trophy to the Sharks. They dominated the season and were clearly the best team through the competition. Award that consistency, and no, a homw semi and final is not reward enough.

  7. @DavidS:

    Hahaha, your angry comments are becoming more laughable by the day. Pathetic.

    By the way, the caps lock button is on the left of your keyboard.

    I know you go into a state of shock if you read anything remotely negative about the Lions, but try and stay with the program.

  8. @Craven: Craven, you mentioned the problem in your comment. It is called the English Premier league. This is a cup, not a league. League trophies do not have semi finals and finals. Cups have though

  9. We will have to rewrite history books completely to accommodate your wish. Gone are those glory days of semi final and finals rugby. I disagree completely and I reckon that we’re a certain hooped jersey team 4th, you wouldn’t have felt this way.

  10. @Aldo:

    Not at all, WP ended up second with 58% as mentioned, I would not mind the cup going to the Sharks at the end of round robin.

    My ideal setup would still be, Currie Cup is played, first place at the end of the round robin gets the trophy. Final placement on the log determines eligibility for foreign competitions the following year.

    I do realise with the PRO14 now, the seasons will be a stuff up and as such this approach will not be workable, but to me this will add value to the Currie Cup. As it as now, only a small minority really follow the games. Just look at the attendance figures for most of the games.

  11. @Aldo:

    WHy do you want to rewrite history? What was cannot be changed. We need to embrace the future with new workable plans that can help rugby grow and prosper in this country.

    If we continue doing what we have always done, it will whither and die. Look at what Currie Cup has become. A second rate competition for most of the season.

  12. @Craven: Craven, change for the sake of changing, brings nothing new. A league trophy can be given to whoever wins the league, so Sharks, but the cup only goes to a winner of a final. Semi finals and finals is part and parcel of cc. What you are proposing will not change the fact that Currie cup is at a lower tier than super rugby and pro14. It just is, making it a league would Mae Pumas supporters stop watching earlier. No way they win the league. Same with Griquas. Yet there you had Puma supporters watching Friday evening, as they could still qualify with a bonus point win. This final half of the competition would’ve drawn even less watchers if what you propose happens. So it just doesn’t make sense if what you wanted was to improve interest and viewership. Would’ve been dull from halfway through the season as there clearly was only one team that would end top of the log.

    Yet now, there is the opportunity for another team to actually still win. Let me put it differently, had the Cheetahs beaten the Lions, they would’ve been able to compete for a trophy in the Currie Cup, which would’ve been impossible if it was a league system, as they had half a team that still plays varsity cup for the majority of the tournament. Just doesn’t make sense at all to me

  13. @Aldo:

    Aldo, look beyond just the league system to the rest of what I posted.

    If we could give the Currie Cup some added importance surely teams would keep playing and fans would keep watching even if it is a league if their team is in with a chance for qualification in one of the international competitions?

    As I said, this might be a pipe dream, but it sure as hell would make me more interested in this watered down competition than what I currently am.

    Feels like currently it is an opportunity to see who is the best of the losers.

  14. @Craven: That I agree with Craven, it needs some added importance. I just fail to see how the semi final and final makes it any more or any less redundant. It also displays our young talent and lets us see them against seasoned campaigners. So is the cc redundant? No, does it need some extra importance, definitely

  15. @Aldo:

    Ok, we can agree on that. The CC carries sentimental value and it should be preserved. I am just scared that the current downward spiral will continue and the CC will become another Vodacom Cup where no one could give a damn.

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