The Bulls defence let them down as they gave the lead up several times on Saturday with the Sunwolves winning the match 42-37.

The Sunwolves went 14-0 ahead through Hayden Parker and Keisuke Uchida tries before the Bulls got on the board with a try from Kriel.

Kriel went over again to level things out and it was a great try by Pollard that put the visitors infront at the break with 21-14.

Pollard got a penalty over in the second half but it was former Bulls and Stormers wing Gerhard van den Heever that scored for the Sunwolves to keep them in-touch.

The Bulls had the lead in the final quarter but it was the Sunwolves with the better finish.

This was only the third victory for the Sunwolves and it was their ability to cut the Bulls open that secure the win.

The midfield of Kriel and Kotze did not work and their defensive effort was poor.

Little was impressive for the Sunwolves and was the spark in may of their tries on the day.

Even though the Bulls dominated the set pieces they could not transferred that to the backs to finish it off.

At the breakdown the Bulls also lost the battle as they did not were able to manage their own ball.

Micthell and his troops were poor on the day with their execution and will be pretty upset with their effort.

The scorers:

For Sunwolves:
Tries: Parker, Uchida, Van den Heever, Britz, Little, Warren-Vosayaco
Cons: Parker 6
Yellow Card: Britz

For Bulls:
Tries: Kriel 2, Pollard, Van Vuuren
Cons: Pollard 4
Pens: Pollard 3

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  1. A lot of injuries in an already young team. They’ll be good for next year but next fk but some talent. First time in a generation that SA got 4 v good THs, can’t believe the bulls can’t get one. Someone mentioned marcel vd merwe the other day , he is one of them , surely can be lured back to bulls.

  2. @Jacques: zero defense more than great attack. Pollard sat on his arse, van vuuren missed what seems to be his 100th tackle for the year, ag nee. Bulls, like the stormers, made the sunwolves look better than they are.

  3. With the constant wolf crying, why do t they call the the werewolves or moonwolves? I’m sure wolves don’t cry at the sun all day long

  4. Yip watch next season you all being bowing at his feet. He’s already brought a host of no-name talent through. Bulls got zero talent, he’s building. If he was given WP, he would’ve already won World Cup.

  5. @cab:

    Mitchell is an absolute dud… but we all knew that from Nz to Aus to RSA… except you in Franco-stan…

  6. Watch – and learn. Kenner Mitchell already got bulls playing different rugby and pulling them into pro era.

  7. @cab:

    He’s a kenner alright… he kens how to take some of the brightest talent in south africa and take them to the bottom of the super rugby table.

    He’s a kenner alright…

  8. @bryce_in_oz: Yeah, if only we got national colours for coach-bashing, then all of us would have been Proteas :-). Would you rather prefer Nollis? At the end of the day the Bulls (like Stormers) have fokol money to attrack top talent. So he will have to do with what he has – and does not have the luxury to send half of the team in hulle moere.

  9. @Bekke:

    That’s the thing… they do have much of the young talent… and he take one look at the table… results speak volumes and Mitchell is bottom of the table which Nollis never was.

  10. Springboks in almost every position across the paddock… most have been in the side 3 seasons plus… there can be only one reason they are propping up the bottom of their ladder and cannot buy a win and it starts with J and ends with L.

  11. Springboks in every position – haha give me a break, name one not developed by JM. any man has been bloody good for Boks but there are no standout players. Pollard also v good, no difference between him and RDP and he’s injured most the time.

    Watch what happens – this team already playing good rugby – all of a sudden it will click and they start winning regularly and then all over. Question is whether they can take their medicine, same as at lions.

    Lions ain’t won anything for many a year until Mitchell did the hard yards, despite some mosning and groaning.

  12. @cab: He had ONE good season… won the CC in 2011 during the World Cup when there were no Springboks in CC.

    Hard yards se gat.

    In SR he failed with the Lions in his first season. And it was the super crucial win or be kicked out season 2012.

    Just like liberals… lives in a fantasy world.

  13. Tell me Dawie before JM arrived when was the last time the Lions won anything. I find it a bizarre coincidence that shortly after his stint we produced some of th most attack-minded and best coaches / the likes of which were hitherto unknown in SA. Ackerman and Swys learnt a helluva lot from that guy

    Mitchell was also central to Woodward team – Woodward is and was an idiot.

  14. @cab:

    Yes numbuts… Springboks in almost every position. Name the players ‘developed’ under Mitchell that have not already had several seasons under his predecessor.

    Go on name them?

    By ‘developed’ you must mean having regressed to not even be able to tackle anymore and cough up 6 tries against a mercenary side which now sees them competing for the wooden spoon. So much for a ‘kenner’.

  15. @cab:

    Mitchell also helped defeat the Nazis on D Day and was a central party in Nelson Mandela’s release and the fall of communism.

    If you check carefully he also enured Barack Obama became the first black president of the USA and subtly affected John Kirwan, Nick Farr-Jones, Steve Hansen, Henry, Jake White and Michael Jordan.

    He even corrected Husain Bolt and helped Ian Thorpe and was instrumental in getting Tiger Woods’ stroke so he would win. He also taught Shane Warne to bowl the flipper and had a hand in Renaldo’s success. In the 2014 World Cup when the Germans won, and practiced touch rugby… he was their coach.

    In fact humanity’s sport owes as much to Mitchell as what the world owes Chuck Norris for its existence.

    Mitchell is the Chuck Norris of sport.

  16. Babe Ruth was standing on the other side of the world when Mitchel was conceived and the shudder through the earth gave him his talent.

  17. Andre Agassi saw a baby picture of Mitchell’s bald pate and shaved his own head to become a great tennis player.

  18. Denis Lillee was going to play rugby but one look at Mitchel as a baby convinced him to play cricket instead seeing as he was useless as a rugby player. Mitch tossing toys out of his cot as a baby taught Lillee his weird slingshot action.

  19. @DavidS:

    It was in fact Mitchell not Mohamed that is deemed the most perfect specimen in the Quran, Hadiths and Sirah…

  20. It was Mitchell who taught Snor to identify extraordinary flyhalves like Tiger Pienaar

  21. It is a little known fact that it was in fact Mitchell dressed as Nelson Mandela, who famously walked out with the number 6 bok Jersey. That is why the Boks beat the AB’s that day.

  22. In fact, studies have shown that Armstrong did not actually dope to win the Tour de France, he had a picture of Mitch in his shirt, which is said to carry as much power as the strongest performance enhancing drugs known to mankind.

  23. Mitchell’s tears is what Suzy put in the AB’s food to poison them, famously winning us the 95 world cup

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