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Carter’s value is off the field


The value of Daniel Carter with the Blues will be on a different field than what we used to from the All Black great.

He will surely play a apart in the matches but his real value for the Blues will be on the training field giving coaches and players the experience and wisdom.

In the first training session with the Blues Carter spend most of his time with coach MacDonald talking tactics. He later joined Beauden Barrett to work on kicking skills.

It is here were the guineas that is Daniel Carter will proof great value for the Blues and the squad.

Wayne Smith believes Carter will exude his most telling influence at training for the Blues this season.

It is here where the true professionals in any sport comes and stands out with attitude, commitment, game plan and skils.

“His genius is not just what you see on the field, it’s what he gives off it,” Smith says.

“One of his real values is helping coaches coach and clubs establish a legacy and personal meaning. He’s not just a guy who comes and plays. He throws himself deeply into everything and helps with the other players. To me, that was the huge benefit we got out of him.”

The Blues will gain so much for Carter and I for one is excited to see how they can show this on the field in the months to come.

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