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CEO Castle resigns


Castle announced on Thursday that she would step down form the post she took in 2017.

Unfortunately this has been coming for some time after more people expressed their motion of no confidence in the CEO.

Nick Farr-Jones, George Gregan, Stirling Mortlock, George Smith, Michael Lynagh, Simon Poidevin, Stephen Moore, Jason Little, Rod McCall, Nathan Sharpe and Phil Kearns all signed a letter calling for a leadership overhaul.

Rugby Australia has been excluding Castle form meeting that took place in the last couple of weeks.

She said that it was clear that the board had no confidence in her anymore and left her no choice to resign.

In her statement she said that the game is bigger than one person and it was time for her to step away.

I love rugby on every level and I will always love the code and the people I have had the honour of working with since I took this role.

‘I made it clear to the board that I would stand up and take the flak and do everything possible to serve everyone’s best interests.

‘In the last couple of hours, it has been made clear to me that the board believes my no longer being the CEO would help give them the clear air they believe they need.

‘The game is bigger than any one individual — so this evening I told the chair [Paul McLean] that I would resign from the role.

‘I will do whatever is needed to ensure an orderly handover. I wish the code and everyone who loves rugby nothing but the best and I would like to thank the people I work with and the broader rugby community for their enormous support.

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