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Dobson confident Du Toit will not use escape clause


Stormers coach John Dobson believes he won’t receive any surprises from his star players leaving when the 21-day escape clause ends on the 14th May.

Players got a 21-day window to activate a escape clause but Dobson believes that non off the players will use that in the last few days.

The franchises are not allowed to talk any finances with the players during this period while players can cancel their current contracts with immediate effect if they wish too.

There were talks going around that Du Toit may be going for a big contract in France, but nothing has since surface and Dobson believe that nothing will happen in the next few days as well.

He said that he is confident that everyone will stay. This does not make Dobson sleeping better at night and he is waiting for the 13th to come and go with all his players still at the franchise.

Dobson also said that he spoke to a lot of the players and their agents. We sure the fans will be happy to hear that they will not loose the likes of Du Toit when the 14th arrive.

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