The Hurricanes secure a one point win over the Chiefs on Friday to progress further in the competition beating them 32-31.

It was a proper battle in the first half with the Chiefs that did most of the play and had the better of the territory as well but the Hurricanes were first on the board with a try to lead 7-0.

Damian McKenzie’s went with a long loft pass which was brilliantly intercepted in the air by Julian Savea, who sprints home to score.

The wind was blowing behind the Chiefs but they could not use it to full use and being behind at half time.

The Chiefs are very good with ball in hand and they put some phases together to get Anton Lienert-Brown that created a break in the defence which send Weber over for their first one of the match.

Both teams did try and move the ball but defensive systems were good enough. It took not long for Barrett to put the Canes infront again with a penalty straight in front.

The Chiefs got a few changes which they could not convert and finally got a penalty which they got over to level the score again at 10-all.

Just before halftime the Hurricanes had a scrum which Perenara collected the ball and found his way through a gap to go over. The TMO ruled that there was no clear evidence that he lost the ball and the try was awarded.

That was the final score in the half and although the Chiefs had a last chance in the first half their handling let them down again and they went into the break with the Hurricanes leading 17-10.

The Chiefs have struggled for most of the year in the second half and most of the times the big leads they got the first forty secure them the wins.

The Chiefs were first to score in the second half when Cane send Boshier away to make good ground. They then went wide for Lienert-Brown to force over a brilliant try.

That level things up again at 17-all and all to play for.

The Hurricanes hit back with Perenara for his second one in the match. This gave the Hurrianes a 25-17 lead which they never gave up again.

The Hurricanes sealed the match with ten minutes to go when Lam went over from a perfect pass by Jordie Barrett.

With a lead of 32-17 the Chiefs were running out of time and although they manage two late tries it was not enough to beat the Hurricanes at home.

At the end it was one point that separated the teams as they Hurricanes moves on in the competition with a 32-31 win



Tries – Ben Lam(69′) TJ Perenara(62′) TJ Perenara(33′) Julian Savea(1′)

Penalties – Beauden Barrett(55′) Beauden Barrett(11′)

Cons – Jordie Barrett(70′) Beauden Barrett(33′) Beauden Barrett(2′)



Tries – Lachlan Boshier(82′) Damian McKenzie(79′) Anton Lienert-Brown(51′) Brad Weber(7′)

Penalties – Damian McKenzie(22′)

Cons – Charlie Ngatai(83′) Damian McKenzie(79′) Damian McKenzie(52′) Damian McKenzie(8′)

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