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It looks more and more like Heaven for SA Rugby


Call me a realist but the fact that Australia are looking to kick South Africa and Argentina out of Sanzaar for a new Trans-Tasman competition suits me fine.

With the reality that the Convid-19 will prolong our return to the rugby field, it seems the Aussies are eager to get a Trans-Tasman competition going to replace Super Rugby.

Calls are also growing in Australia to begin discussing a replacement for Super Rugby going forward. This seems to not involve South Africa and Argentina.

With reality of normal life maybe sooner in Australia and New Zealand, talks will go ahead next week to see potential rugby in Australasia and the Pacific Nations.

More and more calls are coming from some key figures to shake-up Super Rugby saying a Trans-Tasman competition will be a great product.

They are saying a Trans-Tasman competition which includes Japan will be excited.

I struggle to see how scores off 40 plus for New Zealand teams against Japanese and Australian outfits looks like a great prospect.

But then again I say go for it. South Africa will be better off playing in Europe not just because off the time-zone but also the money getting put into Northern Hemisphere rugby at the moment.

SARU already has The Isuzu Southern Kings and the Toyota Cheetahs in the PRO14 and seeing the other franchise like the Stormers, Bulls, Lions and Sharks playing in either PRO14 or even English Premier League will be great for the players and our game.

The Springboks are with New Zealand the hottest product out there at the moment and the Six Nations will be an even better competition with the the current World Number 1 and World Champions in the competition.

This will also mean that South Africa will have November test series at home and June away test series against the All Blacks or Australia or even both.

I say, Australia go for it create your little Trans-Tasman competition while we go an play in Europe which are at this stage the higher level of competitive rugby in any case while we make more money to keep our best players playing in South Africa.

The only sad part for me is that we will not play New Zealand every year and that New Zealand will have to play in a competition which I believe will not meet their standards.

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