Wasp director of rugby Dai Young said that Willie Le Roux is available for the the Springboks last two Championship matches.

With the Springboks still having to play the Aussies in PE and the All Blacks in Pretoria, Springbok coach Rassie Erasmus may decide to call the fullback back to South Africa.

Le Roux went back to England to play for Wasp this weekend and will add plenty to the Springboks to ensure two wins at home.

‘If he gets selected, he goes. There’s nothing we can do to stop that,’ Young told the Coventry Telegraph when asked if Le Roux would rejoin the Boks.

‘We didn’t expect him to be playing. I’d be lying if I said that. Willie felt his international career was over when he came here, we had those discussions.

‘South Africa have had a changing of the guard there, and that has changed a lot of things. He’s gone back into the fold and played really well.

‘The big thing for him as well, is if he is involved in these next two games, the second game will be his 50th cap, so that is a big incentive for Willie.’


  1. This just reiterates everything I’ve been saying about the joke that is SARU and their ‘negotiating’ skills when it comes to their players.

  2. @bryce_in_oz: IT was an agreement Bryce, do not know hwo to put it so that you can understand it…

    ‘While the matches on September 29 and October 6 do fall within an official Test window, reports had suggested that Le Roux would stay with his club, Wasps, as per an agreement with Erasmus and SA Rugby.’

    I rather have the clubs and SARU work together than against

  3. Offensive famine…..deferred.
    SA offensive rugby can be time-lined as BM & AM.
    The only aberration in the “After Messerschmitt” era was HM being such a nervous guy he ham-strung Willie’s role in the WC ( don’t believe me see Schalk Burger’s quote on that specific matter ) & of course the Allistair Coetzee era when let’s face it Springbok rugby may have very well been on LSD with his scattered NON-EXISTENT Leadership.
    Willie can crack defensive safes like a high art thief can snag a Monet from some European National Gallery.
    SA on their horizon, has petty shoplifters AT BEST.
    Hopefully Rassie will use EOYT to develop some with the skills above minus Willie because post WC the Sunking will be in the Hall of Fame & SA still needs to compete.
    Minus complete defensive, positional & set piece dominance – they won’t be able to score.
    Messerschmitt WIllie is –EASILY– SA’s Leonardo da Vinci of sport ( Elon Musk is probably their Actual Leonardo da Vinci but he is here now so Willie it is

  4. @Jacques:

    Almost every single rugby scribe not to mention including the coach said he was not available for the home tests… yet his club says he is.

    Almost every single rugby scribe not to mention including the coach said Faf De Klerk was more than likely not available for latter half of TRC… yet his club says he was always available.

    I’m not sure how else to put it that SARU haven’t a clue what they are doing at the negotiating table.

    Don’t even get me started on Vermeulen’s ‘entitlements’…

  5. @bryce_in_oz: Because it was agreed by, Also this guy will be playing rugby at EOY tour, the whole Premiership and Champions Cup…I would not mind seeing not playing in every single game….that is is called managing players same as what Hansen does with All Blacks but it is clear we have different view points on this.

  6. SA rugby “journalists” outside of Ruggaworld are FAKE NEWS full stop.
    I lean towards all NZ rugby “journalists” – regardless of venue to be FAKE NEWS.
    I won’t say the same about Australia because I enjoy reading Spiro The Greek DESPITE his naievate regarding the transformation “fashion show” & his constant provocations into luring SA to play touch rugby in test matches.

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