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Leinster awarded the points, with Toulon threatening to boycott Champions Cup


Leinster advanced to the playoffs after they had been given the points for the match being cancelled on Friday.

This was after a player tested positive on Wednesday for the French club. This is not where it ends unfortunately

The player was placed into isolation and Toulon travelled to Dublin on Thursday. The carried out further test when they arrived and all were negative.

But the EPCR decided that the game must be cancelled after they found out that some of the players was in close contact with the player that tested positive.

Toulon was not happy with this decision and their club President, Bernard Lemaitre called it a scandal. He also threatened that the club will boycott the competition in the future.

“It’s disgusting,” Lemaitre said.

“The player tested positive on Wednesday and immediately isolated. EPCR was immediately informed, but they let us go to Dublin [on Thursday], for more than 24 hours.

“And despite a total negative re-test of the players on [Thursday] at 20.00, these people made this decision less than five hours before the match.”

Toulon have been in a similar situation in December when the pulled out of the game against Scarlets after a positive test. The EPCR at the time then awarded Scarlest a 28-0 win.

Lemaitre said that this was the second time the same club got the short stick. He said that they are treated like Kleenex

We are sure this will not be the end of this.

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