Rassie-ErasmusRassie Erasmus is set to leave South Africa to coach abroad after becoming disillusioned with the political infighting between the union presidents….reports Vodacom Rugby

A massive red flag seems set to fly as SA Rugby suffers it’s first victim of the tug of war between SARU president Oregan Hoskins and CEO Jurie Roux.

Zelim Nel of the Cape Argus reports that SARU’s General Manager of High Performance reportedly withdrew from the race to replace outgoing Springbok coach Heyneke Meyer earlier this week, leaving Allister Coetzee as arguably the only plausible candidate for the vacant post.

The Cape Argus has since been reliably informed that Erasmus made the decision after becoming disillusioned with the political infighting between the union presidents, and the tug of war between SARU president Oregan Hoskins and CEO Jurie Roux.

Erasmus is understood to have shortlisted for offers from clubs in Europe and Japan.

Vodacom Rugby can confirm that Erasmus’ disillusionment lies primarily with Hoskins and the way he treats his staff. Should Hoskins not survive the current SARU crisis, a move that appears more likely than ever, Erasmus may well be persuaded to remain in South Africa.

His exit would be a coup for whichever club he joins, and a significant loss to SARU, though this is a point that will take time for rugby administrators to fully appreciate.

Some fans cheered when Erasmus, exasperated by meddling Stormers officials, threw in the towel in 2012.

Between 2008 and 2011, the former Springbok flank revived a Stormers franchise that had sunk to embarrassing depths under Gert Smal and then Kobus van der Merwe.

Having made just two play-off appearances in the previous 11 seasons, the Stormers reached the 2010 final and hosted a semi-final in 2011.

The real value of Erasmus’ tenure is evident in the sustained success that Western Province’s junior teams have enjoyed in the years since he cleaned out his desk. The senior ranks are annually reinforced by a host of junior players that graduate from age groups rugby.

Erasmus installed similar systems at SARU, including innovative evaluation tools that track the progress of every professional player in the country, along with those age group players who have been recruited into a national database.

At a time when South Africa is exporting players at unprecedented levels, there has never been a greater need for the expertise of a high performance manager. Especially one with a proven track record of identifying and developing young talent, and one who has given South Africas coaching structure some credibility and a sense of sustainability.


  1. To be honest, I would have done the same if I was in his shoes. And if I was a young up-and-coming player I would also have looked abroad to further my career and earn some proper money while I have the chance.

    SA rugby is heading for dark times if they continue this way.

  2. @Craven: Time that rugby people get in charge of rugby in SA and not politicians…all these fat rats must get kicked out and we need people who can take the game forward and be responsible for there decisions not like Hoskins and WP head clown

  3. How many more ‘red-flags’ are needed… they have been coming thick and fast for quite some time now from school-boy rugby to test rugby and everything in between…

  4. There you have it: Shit starts striking the fan. And it’s only the beginnng . . . SA rugby is a has been on the world circuit.

  5. All these gdam useless mamparras had to do was make 1 simple appointment – Mitch to coach the Boks and we would never have looked back. SA woukd have become the no 1 team in world rugby within 3 years. Yes regularly beating the ABs home and away, something not done since Mallett and the great one but Mitchell would’ve made it more regular. These ppl are idiots. Fire the lot. Total hotseclean. Even better halve every rugby administrators salary and put it towards a proper national coach

  6. @cab:

    Did you see the Eagles suffered their first ever loss to the Brazilians this past weekend under your kaalkop Dr Evil hero this weekend…

    Go and ponder the mouthful of STFU pie karma just dished out…


    @Boertjie: ja dis duidelik. Funny thing is that Hoskins has been quietly fuckig up rugby … not in the huge flamboyant way of a Van Rooyen but like a cancer on the inside.

  7. Imagine we had guys like Kevin de Klerk running rugby in this country. But instead we have the joke squad. The fact that you have people declining the Bok coach position, even when not advertised, has to set off alarm bells. The fact that SARU has postponed the appointment from Dec to Jan to end-March has to indicate they are not having luck with the persons they are approaching.

  8. @DavidS:

    Ja we need the kaalkop. Fool can’t even recognise and acknowledge the v genius that turned his much loved Cubs into a half decent team. Lions were utter kak before Mitchell came along.

  9. I’m starting the windup for the next SA coach to be…..
    Bunny – avert your eyes I don’t want to dismay you


  10. Alister is the Bok coach… he’s busy in Japan… no announcement yet as such. It’s not rocket science.

    I do feel for him though… being awarded a job nobody else of merit in world rugby wants to touch must be disheartening if not a bit unfair on the guy…

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