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SA Rugby still needs Government approval to restart


South African Government has announced that the country will be going to Level 2 lockdown which could see rugby returning in South Africa soon.

Although many believes that level 2 of the lockdown automatically give rugby to go ahead with full contact, the fact is that Government still needs to give special permission to SA Rugby.

Once this has been given franchises and clubs will be able to return to full contact training under some strict regulations.

This will then path the way for SA Rugby to get the precision to kick start the season again with either a Super Rugby domestic competition as we saw in New Zealand and Australia or they may opt to go straight to a full Currie Cup Competition.

These matches will be played in empty stadiums if Government give the go ahead for SA Rugby.

SA Rugby, Jurie Roux told the media that he hopes to have rugby back on track by mid-September which is very likely to be the case.

As we have been informed the next 48 hours will be crucial for SA Rugby to get the permission from Government to get going.

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