The English Premiership Rugby have officially confirmed that defending champions Saracens will be relegated at the end of this season.

This is due to Saracens not keeping to the competition salary cap relegation.

Let’s wind the clock back to November 5th 2019: faced with a 35-point deduction and a £5m fine, Saracens needed to execute two clearly defined actions to bring themselves back into rugby compliance and to prevent relegation. 1) get their current staff under the cap for this season and 2) win enough games to make sure they didn’t finish bottom.

Over the weekend, Saracens were finally issued an ultimatum by Premiership Rugby (PRL): “Show us everything or you’ll be relegated.” It says everything about the depth of the deceit that Sarries refused to show their hand and took relegation, and it says everything about Griffiths and his management strategies that they took the latter route.

With regards to Saracens, both their non-executive directors, acting directors and senior coaching staff knew everything and, on that basis, need to face personal sanctions and be removed from any involvement in the game completely

Saracens will continue to play out the rest of the 2019-20 Premiership season and after competing in the Championship will have to present their books to Premiership Rugby before being considered for promotion.

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