Siya Kolisi have express his appreciation to his Coach Rassie Erasmus on Instagram.

We know that Rassie Erasmus and Siya Kolisi roads have crossed a few times before he become the first black captain for the Springboks last year.

Siya express his thanks to Erasmus on social media :

“I can’t thank you enough for everything! You believed in me when I was still in school, worked under you at Western Province & now we are sharing this moment forever! Uliqhawe lamaqhawe Mqeqeshi Rassie!”

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  1. Janee these two are an unstoppable force.

    Big things happening here. Many black kids will have watched that. SA gonna be a giant if this game still as I always said – if rugby gets adopted in only 10% of the black schools we’ll smoke nz and England regular.

  2. Must admit the English arrogance/ignorance never ceases to amaze me.

    That fool Matt Dawson said before the final not one Bok would make the English team. I knew the boks would belt the crap outa them from that moment forth. Do you get any more silly in the pip? Gdam moron central. See that’s the difference, the kiwis know the game.

    I’ll be quite honest the only English players i’d Vaguely consider are sinckler, Itoje, Curry, Farrel (maybe) and May (who looks to have slowed down). Tuilagi is a beast, but he’s not really English anyway and he’s just a brick outhouse. And even all of those players I’m still not sure I’d want our players replaced – sinckler is good in the loose but I think he’s got even bigger scrumming questions over him than cole, whose gonna drop Yster for Itoje as a no 4 lock? Not me, maybe at 5. Curry is a great opensidrr but I’d rather have the power, leadership and athleticism of kolisi in full flight. Farrel over pollard or DDA, not for me thanks – you keep your England players.

    PSDT is without doubt the best flank /forward in the world currently – clueless. There’s daylight between him and anyone else imo. The effort and sheer guts is unbelievable and it’s every single game consistently.

    We got a bench that would probably be first picks in any test side.

  3. Cab,
    See the historic ledger ( & check out recency within ) SA has ALWAYS kept hand over England at rugby.
    NZ – no way. The focus should be on winning each and every test with the same energy & forethought as was seen in the WC final.
    Every test should be defensive trench warfare – if that’s what it takes to win.
    I think all this shrill anxiety about SA not doing enough “entertaining running rugby” is from duedes that need to lay off the Super Rugby for a long spell.
    SA winning this WC was hemlock to that running/festival rugby fad.
    If you have to get that fix – watch Fiji.

  4. Lol – americano , I think the basics need to be done well but if you want to be no 1 it takes something special and a few playmakers and multiple attacking threats (not just kick-chase). afterall ain’t that what cheetahs rugby and sunking is all about – scoring tries.

  5. True cab but Cheetahs created that in a festival (Super rugby ) environment.
    Chuck it around atopic dermatitis ad nauseum in that competition. Even go old Brumbies and compete on how many phases you can string together – in that environment.
    As far as the national side THE question will be how to get offense minus the World Cup Hero Messerschmitt-Willie “Sunking ” Leroux.
    SA NEEDS to create their own ” Manhattan Project ”
    to solve this key poser going forward.

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