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Head to head fourie

The one man that can be a decisive factor in any test team must be the almost always cocky scrum-halve.

On Saturday we will see one of the legends of the game coming up to one of the best number 9’s in the past two years when Fourrie Du Preez and Aaron Smith will face each other in the World Cup semi-final.

That the decision to keep Du Preez in the Springboks mix after he retired in 2011 must be one of the best decisions Meyer made in his time at the Springboks. He is a world class player that is not just one of the best experience in his team but also a thinker of the game.

Du Preez is not as fast as what he was and we expected that but the experience an calmness he brings as player and captain since he took over from De Villiers is evident in the Springboks matches so far.

In today’s game of rugby there are still most properly no one better than Fourie in the technical aspect of the game and he is the general for the Springbok team.

Smith have been playing the world on fire and his snipping runs, and quick service to one of the most dangerous backlines in the world, makes him so dangerous in the game.

Smith is almost a go getter type of player where Du Preez plays a safer conservative game these days. Only time will tell who will come on top in the semi-final….

Although I do love Smith and the way he has played I will pick Du Preez over him in my team no question…..


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  1. FDP mmmm i wasnt impressed against Scotland…. he needs to improve his speed at the rucks, sometimes it would be 5 seconds before hed arrive, and then when there he would take another 5 to pass the ball. also if he is such a general, why does he always pass to burger, even if it is the game plan, its his job to work with the gameplan according to the situation… seems hes this master only because he can do good box kicks. i dont know im no rugby scribe (and i suspect i might be missing the more nuanced aspect of the game), but watching the game for the last 20 years albeit periodicly it beggars belief how dumb most rugby players seem to be, especially our one dimentional saffers, this is why I suspect with more football nations involved they will play with feet and hands. as a football player i think rugby will be improved so much more if players had half the skill of a footballer when using the ball intelligently with their feet.

  2. fingers crossed though for FOURIE, hopefully he comes up with a moment of magic that will make the difference!

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