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Super Rugby Aotearoa: Two new rules for the new season


Super Rugby Aotearoa starts in a few weeks and they will be introducing two new trail laws in the tournament.

The first one will be the goal line drop. The aim of this is to reward attacking teams by allowing them to build pressure and to encourage defending teams to clear the ball for their in-goal area according to Mike Anthony.

The goal line drop out will be ordered after an attacking player is held up in goal or knocks the ball on, and when a kick – although not a penalty kick or drop goal attempt – is grounded in goal or otherwise made dead.

The second one is the Captain’s referral. Here the captains will have 10 seconds to challenge a try been scored.

After the 75th minute of the game they can make a challenge whether a try is scored or not. Alleged foul play can also be challenged at any time throughout the match.

But an incorrect challenge at any point of the game means all future challenges are lost.

To see exactly how this will works check out the full story at NZ Herald 

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