Oom Rugby from Vadacom Rugby Website looking back at the massacre in Durban this past weekend


Hi guys. These days writing about the Boks is hard hey. I start to feel like the guy who write the funeral notice in the newspaper! It seem to be one sad story after a other. Much have already been said about why we struggle so much – and yes there is many reasons, from the structure and administration of our rugby on down.

But what about a way forward?

And I do not mean long term, I mean short term… We still have a tour to Europe coming in November. We have all been beating the Boks with many sticks over the last while but what will you do if you were coach? How would you approach it? Where would you begin?

For me there is a clear road back for the Boks. To explain it let us look at the sequence below. All Blacks is going left from a ruck. Bok defence is set and with good shape and spacing. They can rush up if they want to.


But in the next picture we see again the relative passive approach to defence that the Boks favoured this year. It is two passes later and even though they had enough men to be more aggressive we can see they were not. They trackacross and turn their shoulder, waiting for the All Blacks to come to them.


Then in the final picture we see the tackle happen well over the advantage line.

The Boks is running backwards as the next ruck start to form. They are on the back foot. Unless there is a positive hit somewhere the domino effek of quickball will just get worse and worst.


In the nutshell: passive defence breeds passive players.

If we look at the second picture above we see it in action. Shoulders turned, waiting, re-active, submissive. We are letting the opponent dictate to us. We give him time, space and free meters. We concede the gainline, we concede our territory, and we invite him to take a dominant position over us. If we were a farm dog we will be the lowest farm dog who roll over on his back and peepee when the other dogs come near.

That is not how Springboks play rugby.

The road back for this team will be to build a identity and a attitude around a focused, dominant and aggressive defence. Players must run FORWARD to go and meet their opponent and smash him back. They must CLAIM the gainline and punish severely anyone who is stupid enough to try cross it. They must dictate to the other team and make THEM doubt themself and become re-active.

If we have a uncompromising, clinical and aggressive defence then our players becomes confident and focused. It give a team a backbone.

I firmly believe that defence must be the first building block that a coach put in place. This where we build the team’s identity and it give us a rock foundation to then develop the rest of our game. And people does not realise it but defence is the first step of attack. The quality of ball you get is directly relate to the quality of ball you let your opponent have.

Allister must wrap up his wounds, go back and plan and then get a group of players together who can make us the big dogs on the farm again. It will be the first step back to success and the first step toward lighting the fire of the Bok emblem once more.

The Boks must take back control of themself by taking back control of the defensive contest. That is where it must start.

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  1. I like the rush defense but you Need it to work perfectly. The Problem you have with a rush defense is that you are exposed if there is an overlap and your rush is not uniform the holes are easier to find and exploit. With the “Cobra” defense you see above you lose ground but it is harder to make that line break.
    Line break in a rush defense is usually a 7 pointer. The cobra is a tactic for when you are outnumbered, to concede ground but then try to attack the breakdown to get the turn-over.

    You Need to be able to do both Rush and cobra. Just IMO.

  2. @JT:
    I think the squad does not have the trust in each other to Play risky rush defense or risky off-loading Rugby.
    (I call the rush risky because the Players are not playing as a unit)

  3. “I firmly believe that defence must be the first building block that a coach put in place”.

    What utter blasphemy

  4. If I were Coetzee, I wouldn’t even bother with the Indaba. There is only one thing I’d do, which is tell saru that I want Mitchell as a consultant. That bugger will have the Boks drilling everyone with 18m – what’s the bet?

    The best chance in SA is mallet. I thought white was v good a few years ago and just what was needed at the time. He is not right now. Only thing about white is he tends to select and analyse V well, but if Boks want greatness, ie a big leap forward, that need a genius – Mitchell.

  5. And any players got a problem with Mitchell pushing them too hard or demanding more should fk right off out the team and bok setup.

    If you are lucky enough to be picked for the Springboks then it’s hard like that. Instead we got all these snr characters that ensconce themselves. Mitchell tolerated none of that.

  6. @Craven: It is always easier to have your ideas and plans on paper than to implement them on a Group of Players and then above all in a game against a Team that is not doing what you want them to do like run at your defenders. We do that for them but the Opposition not returning the compliment

  7. @cab:

    Far too simplistic is the idea that choose this player choose that coach is the solution… it’s a stop-gap where the fundamental problems that have been brewing for seasons now are coming home to roost.

    Here’s just a starter in 3 sentences showing the poison that has been brewing and in now particular order with each effecting the other at every level from players to administrators to coaches…

    ·A poor overseas based player selection policy/an inability to keep players in SA

    ·Racial Quotas that are ineffective, dishonest and damaging to brand SA rugby

    ·Ineffective administrative structures that don’t prioritise the Springboks

  8. @JT:

    But will it… I doubt it… at least the correct noises are being made… but like much in the world atm there has to be a lot more pain before those noises start being put into effect…

  9. Bryce, but saying any of those points you make are wrong about the system, I’d fire the lot, but there are more direct changes that need to be made to this coach, team and gameplan.

    It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such worryingly bad Bok performances and that’s got nothing to do with the players on the field.

    Let’s also just remember something about what a good coach abd gameplan can do. The Lions have beaten 4 of the 5 Kiwi sides this year.

    Name me one international side that would beat any of those kiwi sides.

  10. Ooh gats the brannewyn has caught up. Point of my spiel is that the administrators got little to do with the kak we seen from bokke performances.

    Lions side klapping kiwis with same useless SARU administrators and zero overseas players.

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