THE new Wallaby jersey to be unveiled on Australia Day is so hi-tech it will slow down players’ heart rates and speed up their performance, its Queensland-based manufacturer claims.

The CourierMail reports that Gold Coast company KooGa, which fended off international sportswear giants to win the Wallaby uniform contract, is promising the new-look jersey, shorts and socks will be “a genuine secret weapon” for the Australian side heading into next year’s World Cup.

The kit is being kept under tight wraps until next week’s official launch but KooGa boss Tyron Brant has revealed the jersey contains five “futuristic fabrics” never before used in a football jumper.

They include carbon fibre which is claimed to lower the heart rate by up to at least four beats a minute.

Another fabric, imported from Italy, is said to decrease lactic acid while other materials, developed by KooGa, are reputed to lower body temperature and increase movement.

The Wallabies’ new shorts contain chamois panels to keep players’ hands dry and the socks are made from a compression material to reduce lactic acid build-up.

KooGa spent two years researching and developing the “state-of-the-art” technology before submitting the winning jumper design to the Australian Rugby Union, Brant said. He said the company had looked at fabrics worn by cyclists and burn victims for inspiration.

“The new jersey is not only virtually indestructible – it also helps thermostatically control body temperature, repelling moisture and cooling the skin surface,” he said.

“The state-of-the-art fabrics also help stimulate blood flow to heighten reaction time and speed up performance.”

Brant said the new Wallaby jersey was the most expensive ever, costing about $250 to make – about five times the price of the old jumper. He said the uniform could give the Wallabies a genuine winning edge.

“Professional sport is all about that 1 per cent extra but the new uniform will hopefully provide the Wallabies with an extra 3 or 4 per cent,” he said.

“That’s how good we believe it is.”

Despite its 21st century technology, the new jersey is believed to have the traditional gold and green colour scheme.

It will be paraded by Wallabies Berrick Barnes, Ben Robinson, James Horwill and Will Genia at functions in Brisbane and Sydney next week.

KooGa also makes uniforms for NRL teams Melbourne and Newcastle, and Queensland Reds and ACT Brumbies rugby sides.

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