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War of Words still going between New Zealand and Australia


The war on words are ongoing between New Zealand rugby and Australian rugby with All Blacks coach Ian Foster now adding his voice to the conversation.

NZHerald reported that Foster said that New Zealand Rugby is not a charity. Both nations are currently talking about a trans-tasman Super Rugby competitions in the aftermath off the Covid-19 pandemic.

Both are also looking at a Pacific Island team to be in a new shape Super Rugby competition.

The Aussies is not happy with a report from New Zealand rugby on this Tasman Super Rugby competition which will only see two Aussie teams in a eight-team competition.

According to reports Foster told Newshub that when it comes to competitive and financial strength, a line in the sand needs to be drawn.

“This is not a charity,” he said. “We’ve got to make sure they’re feasible, they’re financially viable and that the public are really going to get behind them.

“Whatever number of teams that can play this game at a financial level.”

On the otherside former Aussie Boss John O’Niell believes New Zealand and Australia needs each other and their needs to be a significant Aussie presence.

But if you look at the history over the past 5 years then you see since 2015 Aussie Super Rugby teams have won a total of 3 out of 49 matches against New Zealand sides in New Zealand.

If you look at the fans then you will see in New Zealand viewership is thriving and in Australia they just do not bring the numbers to the game on television or through the gates.

Time will tell us which way New Zealand and Australia will go after this pandemic.

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