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Willie’s amazing gesture that stunned young supporter


I think we need Americano to play some role for Rassie and the Springboks for the World Cup.

For years we had to listen to how much he has talked up Willie Le Roux and yes he has been a brilliant player and asset for any team he played but his generous gesture to a Wasp fan just explain the person behind the rugby player.

A young Wasps supporter’s dreams came true thanks to a generous gesture from one of their big-name stars.

Basildon-based Wasps supporter Stephani Aston was left in a state of shock after 53-times capped Springbok international Willie le Roux answered her prayers.

The 16-year-old took to Twitter to express her desire to see le Roux play one more time before his time in England comes to an end when he joins Japanese club Toyota Verblitz after the Rugby World Cup.

College student Stephani mentioned it was the cost of the 240-mile round trip that prohibited her from seeing her rugby hero one last time.

le Roux, who has made 52 Wasps appearances since joining in February 2017, replied saying he could help with getting Stephani to the match and came through on his promise by funding her train fare and and putting aside two tickets for Wasps’ crucial victory over Worcester Warriors.

“I am still in shock now as I never thought this would happen to me,” she said. “The whole day felt a little bit surreal!

“He sorted my travel and then left me two match tickets, in the players entrance.

“I live in Basildon and so it took nearly five hours to get there.”

Stephani explained why fullback le Roux, who provided the assist for Marcus Watson’s first half-try in the 28-16 victory, was her favourite player.

“My dad and brother both played/play rugby and my boyfriend also plays, so that’s how I got into watching matches on television. I was pretty much brought up into a Wasps supporting life.

“I remember watching South Africa Test matches and when I first saw Willie I was just amazed by his sportsmanship and skill. The more I watched him play, the more I began to like him and he just became my favourite player!”

There was one final moment to remember for the teenager, who attended the match wearing a Springboks jersey in support of her hero.

“After the game, I waited by the pitch and during the walk around after the game, I shouted and he spotted me, he knew who I was straight away, and asked me  how I was and if I had enjoyed the game!

“We took and picture and then he signed my shirt he then gave me a quick hug and I said thank you so many times.”

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  1. Great – and now we will never hear the end of this from Americano…. Now imagine if Pote from his beloved ZeeBulls does this???

  2. Thanks for NOTHING Bekke.
    No need to play the “Grinch Who Stole Christmas” by mentioning Pote Demon & his cursed ZeeBulls to throw shade on THE “Feel Good” story of Rugby Union thus far in 2019.
    Have you no decency?
    Surely BC would chime in with similar sentiments if he wasn’t quarantined in Zim by Chinese thought-landlords being careful with him because ” he has a way with words”.
    Willie “SunKing” Leroux achieved what Icarus…..could not.

  3. Totally Bunny. He musta been some hermit monk in a past life to get the setup he has now!
    Can you even imagine Princess Diana NOT ditching lame-o Charles for the Messerschmidt had he been around back then?
    I think not !

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